The Bull Market of 2019

02 Aug

The Bull Market of 2019

Gold Market Discussion

Gold and Silver Head Higher!

We are in a gold and silver bull market.  

Other authorities, like a gold expert and former presidential candidate Ron Paul, have joined us in identifying this as a gold and silver bull market.  

Let’s review what has happened…

Gold is up more than $400 an ounce since its low of $1046 in late 2016.  

Last May gold traded at its low for the year of $1267.  Since then it has traded as high as $1458.  That’s up 15% from the May low.

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The recent silver story is even more dramatic as we repeatedly forecast.  Silver had a low last fall of $13.86.  It’s 2019 low, like gold’s also recorded in May, was $14.27.  Since then it has traded as high as $16.68, up almost 17% from its May low.

Those are the kind of substantial moves that should get anybody’s attention, particularly since both materialized in just a few short weeks.

If we look at the low of both metals in 2018, gold moved up more than 25%, while silver climbed more than 20%.  

And those moves (the textbooks define a bull market as a move that takes prices 20% higher) qualify both gold and silver as being in bull markets.

No wonder a Bloomberg News story last week said, “gold fever is breaking out from London to New York.”

Because we are old hands at this – our identification of the new bull market, like that of Dr. Paul, came long before the most recent powerful moves higher – we’ll just leave you with the observation that this market is just getting going.

Let me repeat that:  This market is just getting going.  Wait until you see what happens when large swaths of the public begin to realize they need to protect themselves from stock market bubbles, criminally destructive monetary policies around the world, and compounding government and corporate debt.  

Then you won’t need a textbook definition to recognize the bull market!  Take steps to protect yourself and your family.  But do it now.  Don’t be left behind!


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