12 Jan

The Gold Bull is Off and Running!

As our regular clients and readers know, we, as well as others, identified the birth of the new gold bull market last year.   Now there is additional new evidence that the bull is off and running. Gold reached all-time highs last year in key foreign currencies:  the pound, the yen, and both the Canadian […]

08 Jan

SPECIAL ALERT! Gold Higher on Wars and Rumors of War!

Our Recommendation! For now, it appears that the market is taking a breather in the matter of the US vs. Iran.  As we wrote yesterday, we are waiting for the next shoe to drop. President Trump says Iran is “standing down.”  Perhaps.  But Iran is saying something different. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says […]

08 Jan

2020: Off to an Explosive Start

“Do I have everyone’s attention now?” If the gold market could talk, we imagine it would be asking something like that.   Gold surged throughout December, ending 2019 at $1523.  Priced in dollars gold rose 18.3% and silver by 15.1% in 2019.  Then, with the killing last week of a top Iranian military commander Qassem […]

03 Jan

Gold Reacts to a Dangerous World!

Urgent Recommendation to Take Defensive Action! Always a sensitive barometer and the financial world’s go-to sanctuary in a crisis, gold wasted no time reflecting the dangers implicit in the US-Iranian face-off. Already in a bull market that began last summer, gold surged higher throughout December.   Now, with the escalation playing out in Iraq and […]

02 Jan

Historical Quotes About Gold and Silver

We recently posted our “Historical Quotes About Gold and Money” that contained important quotes from various intellectuals. Today, we follow up with more wise words from wise people… O gold! I still prefer thee unto paper, which makes bank credit like a bank of vapor. —Lord Byron, Don Juan Commodities such as gold and silver […]

30 Dec

2020 Monetary Predictions

Ten Things That Won’t Happen in 2020! Below are our predictions for the New Year.  Read our Top Ten 2020 Predictions and in the end, you’ll discover a little surprise about our list! 10.  The Federal Reserve won’t stop managing the monetary system to benefit the banks that created it to serve their interests in […]

28 Dec

Gold Has Been Money for a Very Long Time!

Excerpts from The New World of Gold, by Timothy Green, published in 1981: When Napoleon escaped from Elba in 1815 and was back in France raising an army, the price of gold in the London market jumped overnight from 4.6.6d an ounce to 5.7.0d.  ‘There was an extraordinary demand,’ a partner in Mocotta and Goldsmid, […]

26 Dec

Historical Quotes About Gold and Money

Some Important Things Said About Gold and Money… “Good money is coined freedom.” – Swiss Proverb “For 2,500 years the global electorate has identified gold as the most reliable standard of value—which means that gold, a specific amount of gold, is the best possible unit of account, the best proxy for all goods, services and […]

22 Dec

That Time of Year

This time of year, with holiday gatherings and celebrations, many of our thoughts center on family.     For wealth protection, from generation to generation, nothing endures like gold.  In fact, someone called gold and silver “the superheroes of wealth preservation.” Gold is one of the least reactive chemical elements;  it does not tarnish or […]

17 Dec

More Gold Nuggets of News and Information

DOLLAR DEBASEMENT CONTINUES AT RECORD PACE! The Federal Reserve is positively gushing dollars.  As the US money supply surges, it ultimately depreciates the value of the dollar. Over the last 12 months, the M2 money supply has grown by an unprecedented $1.1 trillion dollars. WASHINGTON CAN’T/WON’T BUDGET RESPONSIBLY! Here are some quotes from Maya MacGuineas, […]

13 Dec

What Is the Fed So Afraid Of?

The Federal Reserve is panicking.  Or at least it is acting like it, with moves of seeming desperation that are not clearly explained. Quietly, the Fed is printing money like crazy.  But it isn’t saying what it is so afraid of. For anyone steeped in the unhinged Keynesian theories that rule at the central bank, […]

11 Dec

Interest Rates: The Perfect Storm is Coming Our Way

We’ve probably used our share of clichés in these posts, but we don’t think we’ve ever resorted to “perfect storm.”  (If we have, we beg forgiveness!) But sometimes it takes a cliché.  How better to describe the convergence of critical factors that together create a transcendent calamity, a disaster that is greater than the sum […]

10 Dec

How Do They Get Away With It?

It has long been said that a fool and his money are soon parted.  But we sometimes wonder how the money manipulators get away with it. How did they get away with calling in all the American people’s gold in the early 1930s?  How did the get away with making it a felony to own […]

08 Dec

Gold in 2020

2019 has been a great year for our clients.     And we think 2020 will be even better.    Others agree.  In fact, Congressman Ron Paul thinks gold will double, reaching $3,000 by the end of 2020.   That may be underestimating the power of this new bull market in gold.  Just last week […]

04 Dec

Fair Warning from the Stock Market!

Yet Another Market Sell-Off There’s no telling how many warnings you’ll get.  Tuesday’s sharp sell-off can be considered a fair warning. The stock market closed down.  The Dow Industrial were off 280 points at the close, but at one point during the session, it had dropped 450 points;  that follows a 268 point drop on […]

02 Dec

Washington Has (Your) Money to Burn!

It’s in your best interest to read this post. After all, it’s your money they’re burning. How about the US Agency for International Development throwing $22,000,000 at a “sustainable local development” budget that includes the crucial mission of bringing Serbian cheeses up to international standards? Or how about Operation Golden Potty?  $500,000.  And hooking fish […]

27 Nov

Negative Rates

There are a lot of reasons for this new gold bull market.    One of the most important reasons is a new worldwide phenomenal:  negative interest rates. History doesn’t record the successes of any financial regimes or monetary systems based on negative interest rates.  Ever.  That’s because there aren’t any. Negative interest rates are so […]

27 Nov

De-Dollarization: The Global Monetary Mega-Trend

Nations around the world continue to demonstrate that they want more gold reserves and fewer dollars. We have reported on this global megatrend regularly (see More Gold, Please!, The Fed Cuts Rates While the World Buys Gold, and De-Dollarization. This shift away from dollars and into gold is a harbinger of things to come for […]

24 Nov

Buy Gold Safely: Face-to-Face!

We believe everyone should own gold and silver. But we encourage people to use best practices in both buying and selling precious metals. Said differently, we encourage people to use common sense. We just don’t think it’s a good idea to buy gold and silver from boiler room operators or to send your money somewhere […]

20 Nov

Inflate or Die, Part 1

The Fed can’t stop printing money.   Now it has discovered that the trillions of dollars it already “printed” can’t be neutralized or rolled back.   The genie can’t be put back in the bottle. The Fed tried that.  It tried to undo some of the trillions of dollars of funny money it created in […]

20 Nov

Inflate or Die, Part 2

Before the trillions of dollars of made-up digital “money” it created in 2008-2014 does its real damage, driving consumer prices to the moon, the Fed started to reduce its assets with a program called Quantitative Tightening.   They didn’t discuss it much, and the mainstream press didn’t say much about the risk overhanding the economy […]

15 Nov

Economy Quotes and Notes- November 2019

Money printing jumps… World debt dangers… US deficit balloons… Consumers grow wary… Rich investors prepare for stock market troubles.  Here’s some of the latest news about the fundamentals that drive gold and silver prices higher over time.   Money Supply Explodes! “Nothing Short of Spectacular.” With two months to go, 2019 M2 growth is on […]

12 Nov

Beware the Mother of all Market Bubbles

Market bubbles don’t just happen.  They are the result of the government or its financial arm artificially creating excesses money and credit conditions.  Fractional reserve banking, policies like Quantitative Easing, outright money printing, and interest rate manipulations are the tools they use to create these excesses, sending misleading signals to investors and businesses alike. The […]

10 Nov

Buying Opportunity

We talk a lot about buying gold for safety.   To protect your wealth, with governments out of control, running huge deficits and printing money like crazy, we recommend people move to safety with gold, the world’s most enduring form of money. After all, the world has been through governments and episodes like this countless […]

03 Nov

Another Rate Cut? More than Meets the Eye?

We don’t like to be suspicious.  We prefer to be able to take people at their word.  But there seems to be more going on in the economy than meets the eye. Let’s start a long time ago.   When the US was wracked with ruinous double-digit inflation, the new chairman of the Federal Reserve, […]

30 Oct

Nowhere to Hide: Part II

Sometimes even otherwise bright people have a big gap in their common sense.  Absent-minded professors are the stuff of legend, while “pointy-headed intellectuals” have been accused of not being able to park a bicycle straight. Robert Shiller is a pretty bright guy.  He’s a Yale economics professor (we don’t automatically discount him for that; we […]

29 Oct

Teetering on the Brink

What Have We Learned from Investment Bank Failures like Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns? If you wanted to watch the world economy collapse into a nightmare depression of currency failures and bankruptcy, you would start by looking for the failure of a major financial institution. And when that happens, you would be glad to own […]

27 Oct
Trump Chooses the Printing Press

Money Printers Gone Wild!

The Federal Reserve has quietly launched a massive new round of money printing.   We hope you will take time with this very important piece.  It should be shared widely.  It describes a new phase of Fed monetary management, a turning point that people will look back on as a crucial moment in the US […]

24 Oct
Bull vs Bear Market Gold

Driving the New Gold Bull Market!

Three Things You Must Not Miss! It’s impossible to separate three of the most powerful drivers of the new gold and silver bull market.  They are joined at the hip and travel together. First is the dangerous trajectory of geopolitical events – trade and currency wars, and their usual accompaniment, hot wars.  From the Persian […]

21 Oct
Asian Economic Slowdown

Nowhere to Hide

It’s a dangerous time for traditional investments and established financial institutions.  The headline from an October 20 Wall Street Journal story tells the tale: Financial Markets Face Fresh Wave of Political Uncertainty: ‘There’s Literally Nowhere to Hide’  Investors spooked by widespread turmoil are seeking havens The story highlights the battle over UK Brexit as “highlighting the […]

20 Oct
Precious Metals Bull Market

Global Tensions

With global tensions running high, we think it is important to remember the role geopolitical standoffs and the outbreak of hostilities play in driving gold prices higher.   When we say we’re keeping a sharp eye on the market, it includes tracking important developments on the international front.  One of the best examples of that […]

15 Oct

More Rate Cuts

The Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee meets again at the end of the month.  This is the arm of the Fed that votes on, and sets, interest rate policies. In a healthy economy, prices of things (including interest rates, which are the prices of money) are set by supply and demand.  This alleviates shortages and […]

14 Oct

Their Own Man Says So!

 “If the Entire System Collapses, Gold Will Be Needed to Start Over.” De Nederlandsche Bank, Central Bank of the Netherlands If we said something like, “Gold is the perfect piggy bank – it’s the anchor of trust for the financial system,” you would not be at all surprised.   We’ve said things exactly like that […]

13 Oct

Impeachment, the Goose, and the Golden Egg

As last week ended, stocks jumped on reports that on-again, off-again trade deals were perhaps on-again.    We don’t know if the fact that he is besieged from within and without the White House has made the President any more eager for a deal or any more conciliatory.  Nor do we pretend to know what […]

10 Oct
Jim Rogers

Investment Legend Jim Rogers

Once or twice a year we check in to see what Jim Rogers says about things.  Rogers thinks the worst bear stock market of our lifetimes is headed out way. We sample Jim’s opinion for several reasons, not the least of which is that he has a stellar track record.  During the brutal bear market […]

09 Oct

Gold Coins for Black Swans

A Black Swan is an unexpected event. The term was popularized in a 2007 book by author and market trader Nassim Nicholas Taleb called “The Black Swan:  The Impact of the Highly Improbable.” Before the discovery of Australia, he writes, it was universally believed that all swans are white.  But all it takes is the […]

06 Oct

Sell Stocks, Buy Silver!

Will Rogers offered this advice for making money.  “Take all your savings,” he said, “and buy some good stock and hold it till it goes up, then sell it. If it don’t go up, don’t buy it.” Rogers was a humorist and could get away with giving that kind of advice.  We, on the other […]

02 Oct
stock market warning signs

Another Warning About the Stock Market!

Stocks Down, Gold Up! As September was winding down, we warned you about the risk of a coming sell-off in stocks, the seasonal danger known as the October Effect: “We believe the stock market is being floated on Fed policy and not on economic reality.  Indeed, the level of corporate debt is so high that […]

01 Oct
Trumpflation and Gold

Impeachment and the Stock Market

President Trump says that if he is impeached, the stock market will crash. We think that he is right.   We also think the stock market will crash even if he is not impeached. That is because stocks are kept aloft by monetary policy.  It is a neat trick, to appear to levitate the entire […]

27 Sep

Watching the Government Debt Fundamentals

If you watch the news about government spending and debt closely, you’ll understand why you need to own gold. This is the end of one government accounting year and the beginning of another.  So in Fiscal Year 2019 the federal government added well over a trillion dollars to the national debt. And nobody who knows […]

27 Sep

The Growing Wealth Gap

Protect Yourself and Profit! America’s economic growth has been the envy of the world.  From the earliest days of the Republic, foreign observers could foresee the prosperity powerhouse that American would become. A dependable monetary system based on gold and silver was a central component of America’s success.  This should have been no surprise.  An […]

25 Sep

Three More Gold Nuggets of News

Fed Punishing Savers After two rate cuts in three months, billionaire hedge fund founder Leon Cooperman has fired a shot at the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policy.  The Goldman Sachs veteran and founder of Omega Advisors says the Fed is “screwing savers” with the rate cuts. He joins others who wonder why rates are being […]

22 Sep

The News

If you watch the news closely, you’ll understand why you need to own gold. A week ago, we came within a hair’s breadth of a world-changing military encounter in the Middle East.  The attack on Saudi’s oil refining operation could have metastasized into something out of control.   And it still may.  How fast would […]

20 Sep

More on Negative Rates

The Fed’s latest interest rate cut has us contemplating the insanity of negative interest rates.  Trillions of dollars of sovereign debt instruments around the world now bear negative interest rates.   Imagine what that means.   You work hard and save. Your savings represents capital, which is the lifeblood of economic growth.  Your deferred consumption […]

18 Sep

Negative Rates

Fed Cuts Rates: We Think of Ron Paul and Negative Rates The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee ended its September meeting with a decision to lower interest rates again.  The policy cuts the Fed funds rate by 25 basis points to a new target range of 1.75  to 2 percent.  The announcement on Wednesday afternoon […]

15 Sep
this times a thousand is a trillion

Government Debt and Gold

The US government keeps its book not on the calendar year, but on a “fiscal year” (FY) that begins on October 1 and ends on September 30.  That means its FY2019 will end in just over two weeks, and then FY2020 begins. Some of the financial press is reporting that it looks like FY2019 will […]

11 Sep

More Gold, Please!

“Russia’s Huge Gold Stash is Now Worth More than $100 Billion” Source: Bloomberg Russia decided some years ago that it wanted more gold and fewer US dollars.  It was a smart move, as Bloomberg reported this week: “The country quadrupled gold reserves in the past decade as it diversified away from U.S. assets, a move […]

10 Sep

Default Risk

One of the most important reasons to own gold and silver is to avoid major risks common to stocks, bonds, banks, and other financial assets and transactions:  the risk of insolvency and default. All these financial markets and institutions carry a risk of insolvency and default.  Those are risks that grow more threatening with each […]

08 Sep

Ron Paul: “$3,000 Gold at the End of Next Year!”

The new gold bull market is off to a powerful start.  According to gold expert and former Congressman Ron Paul, it will move sharply higher by the end of next year. He confidently predicts that gold to reach $3,000 an ounce by the end of 2020. Actually, says Dr. Paul, that’s a cautious prediction.  Especially […]

05 Sep

Profiting from the Silver Skyrocket

Throughout the summer our hair was practically on fire so determined were we to let our friends and clients know about the breathtaking opportunity before them in the silver market.   We put it as clearly as possible in June when we wrote To Make Money… Buy Silver! As we repeatedly observed, the price of […]

02 Sep

You Always Meant to Buy Gold?

Maybe you’re like a lot of people who always meant to buy gold but never got around to it. Marketing experts tell us that there are two times that people become especially focused on their affairs, their business, and the opportunities before them.  One of those time is right after the Christmas holidays when people […]

29 Aug
Gold Market May Bull

Behind the Bull Market

The world is awash in negative interest rate government bonds.  Basically, you loan the governments money by buying its bonds, and at maturity you cash is your bonds for less than you paid.   How crazy is that?  You pay the government for the privilege of letting them waste your money for a few years. […]

28 Aug

The Banks Don’t Want You To Own Gold

We get it! Of course, banks don’t like gold.  Burger King doesn’t like McDonald’s.  Ford doesn’t like Mercedes.   Similarly, banks see gold as a competitor.   We get that.  They have seen their clients walk in to pull out money and head straight to the gold desk. That’s why it’s amusing to watch Bank […]

26 Aug

The “Doom Loop” Part II

Since we first told you we’re in a Dollar Doom Loop in March, gold has broken out!     Now things are getting worse with the dollar.   Things that will drive gold prices higher still. Friday’s action, with gold up more than $28, is a sign of things to come. To describe the Doom […]

22 Aug

Strange New Respect for Gold

Gold continues it’s front and center advance into the world’s monetary system.  The mainstream news media misses it, but one of the biggest financial stories of our time is the massive move of the world’s central banks to add gold to their reserve holdings.   Of course, the mainstream media is missing it.   After […]

21 Aug

Buy Gold on Any Level!

If you knew what was coming, you would “buy gold on any level!” So says Mark Mobius, the founder of Mobius Capital Partners and an emerging markets fund manager. We think Mobius is worth listening to On his retirement from Templeton last year Barron’s wrote, “The renowned Franklin Templeton Investments value manager has jetted from […]

20 Aug

Is a Gold Crash Coming? 5 Experts Weigh In

Run for the hills, they say! Sell all your gold, they say!  Who is “they,” anyway? If you want to know what you should do, listen to actual financial experts. As we covered, Trump’s currency war with China is on the brink. The Economic Times reported that worries about the China-U.S. Trade war could lead […]

16 Aug

Two Kinds of People

To some of us, it is perfectly understandable why gold and silver are in a bull market and racing higher. To others, it is a mystery. In our latest radio spot for RME, I joked that there are two kinds of people in the world:   those who “get” gold… and those who don’t. And […]

15 Aug

The Paper Dollar Birthday

8/15/2019 The US has had paper dollars for a long time, but through most of our history, even the paper dollars were tied to gold.  Until this date, August 15, back in 1971.  It was then, 48 years ago today, that President Nixon severed the last remaining link of the U.S. dollar to gold.   […]

14 Aug
gold bars for sale in Phoenix

Bullet Points 8-14-19: Things You Should Know

Fiscal Year 2019 is winding down and it’s one for the books.  For the ten months of the year through July 30, the deficit is already higher than for the entire 12 months of the prior year.  So far revenue has increased 3 percent over last year, while spending is up 8 percent.  Not smart. […]

11 Aug

The Gold Barometer

Gold is a valuable barometer of financial conditions. When gold was the basis of the international monetary system, currencies were more or less stable, exchange rates fixed.   On a gold standard, countries didn’t have to bash their trading partners over exchange rates.  An ounce of gold was an ounce of gold everywhere.  It didn’t […]

07 Aug

How Long Until Gold Hits the All-Time High?

There are few phrases as unwelcome as “told you so.”  It should be left in schoolyards where it belongs.  For that reason, we won’t say it. But we’re going to come uncomfortably close when we say instead … “We hope you took our advice!” Recently we trotted out time-tested market wisdom to “buy the rumor, […]

02 Aug

The Bull Market of 2019

Gold and Silver Head Higher! We are in a gold and silver bull market.   Other authorities, like a gold expert and former presidential candidate Ron Paul, have joined us in identifying this as a gold and silver bull market.   Let’s review what has happened… Gold is up more than $400 an ounce since […]

31 Jul
Fed Cuts Rates

The Fed Cuts Rates While the World Buys Gold!

Nobody was very happy with the Federal Reserve’s announcement on Wednesday that it would cut its targeted Fed funds interest rate and the interest it pays on “excess reserves” by a quarter-point. Wall Street wanted more, a half-point, or at least a promise by the Fed that more rate cuts were on their way.  It […]

30 Jul

Headed for Stagflation

“I think we’re headed for a bout of stagflation like we’ve never before seen.”   That’s the view of well-known market analyst Michael Pento. Pento, the author of The Coming Bond Market Collapse, has proven himself to be a knowledgeable critic of bad fiscal and monetary policy, one who understands gold. In a recent interview, […]

26 Jul
Gold Bars and Nuggets

More Gold Nuggets: News You Need to Know!

The Fed Meets The policy-setting Federal Reserve Open Market Committee meets this week on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 30 and 31.  The announcement of any policy decisions will be made on Wednesday at 2 pm Eastern time.   At the top of the agenda is a cut in interest rates.  We think that if the […]

25 Jul

Gold-Silver Ratio: Shrinking Along with Opportunity

On June 21, we wrote a blog post called “To Make Money Buy Silver.”   It turned out to be pretty good advice.  Silver is up more than $1.00 an ounce since then. Nice.  But experienced gold and silver investors and professionals watch something else:  the gold-silver ratio. That’s because, in bull markets like this, […]

24 Jul


Most of the biggest banks and financial institutions find very little fault with the monetary status quo.  After all, they are the beneficiaries of it.  Bailouts preferred borrowing at the Fed’s discount window, protection from market competition, and interest on excess reserves are just a few the privileges they enjoy under the Federal Reserve’s monetary […]

21 Jul

The Debt Ceiling and the Ticking Time Bomb

“We are right now sitting on a bubble that’s going to explode and it’s going to be a real bad situation, and we better get rid of the debt and we better straighten ourselves out because we have debt on debt on debt.” Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, April 2016 The debt bomb is ticking.   […]

19 Jul

A Silver Short Squeeze?

Is a short squeeze developing in the silver market?  A short squeeze is an exciting market event in which rising prices give rise to still more rising prices, which in turn give rise to more… Well, you get the idea:  sharply higher prices! “Shorts” are speculators who have sold silver for future delivery in the […]

16 Jul

Buy the Rumor, Sell the News

An old market adage advises to “buy the rumor, sell the news.” In application, it suggests that you can buy stock XYZ when the market assumes that something important – a takeover, an acquisition, a major breakthrough – is imminent, but then to sell quickly when the actual news hits. There is a justifiable cynicism […]

14 Jul
China adds gold in December

They’re Buying Gold!

We addressed this briefly the other day, but it is a financial megatrend so important that we want to loop back around to add to what we wrote.   Foreign governments and their central banks have lost faith in the US dollar.   Trust in the dollar dates back more than a century when people […]

11 Jul
dollar and gold correlation

3 Reasons for Gold to Go Up

There are a lot of reasons that real money – gold – outperforms irredeemable money created out of thin air. But for today, here are three news stories that spell higher gold prices in the immediate future. Reason Number One:  The US government, hopelessly in debt, is recklessly piling up more debt by the hour. […]

09 Jul
Deutsche Bank Failing

Is Deutsche Bank the Key Log?

It’s hard to know what will prove to be the key log in the log jam. That’s the log that, once moved, sets the whole destructive torrent of all the other logs loose to destroy everything downstream in their path. It could be Germany’s Deutsche Bank. In the Panic of 2008, Bear Stearns went first.  […]

07 Jul
Global gold prices

Higher Gold Price Targets: To the Moon!

Financial analysts around the world are racing to revise their gold price targets higher… Way higher.  Many are recommending allocating more of their portfolios to precious metals. Maybe they are starting to take notice of some troubling fiscal and monetary developments.  June’s gold breakout, taking it to over $1,442 was like a wake-up call for […]

03 Jul
100 trillion Zimbabwean Dollars

They Never Learn!

What a tragedy Zimbabwe has been.  And a monetary laughingstock for the ages.   Now Zimbabwe wants to do it all over again. Like so many of the African countries that fell under the control of native Marxists-Leninists and other indistinguishable leftist totalitarians in the post-colonial period –  Nyerere, Mobuto, Kaunda, Lumumba – it was […]

02 Jul

Two Thoughts for the Second Half of 2019

Thought One:  We added a short postscript to our 4/22/19 post “Temperature Rising in the Persian Gulf” that read: “NOTE:  So far this year, any pullback of gold below $1,300 has been a favorable opportunity to add to your holdings.”   It’s always risky to make a call like that because we don’t want anyone […]

30 Jun

What Money Meant to America’s Founding Fathers

Hint: They didn’t have staggering debt and bottomless printable currency in mind. As we celebrate America this week, our independence and the birth of our Republic remember that the founders specifically wrote into the Constitution itself a gold and silver based monetary system for the new nation. First of all, they gave Congress the power […]

28 Jun

The Way the World Works

Something about the way the world works seems to have been forgotten in America.   Here it is: This is a world in which people’s wants are virtually limitless.  Resources, on the other hand, the means of fulfilling those wants, are strictly limited. Economics is about meeting unlimited wants with limited means.  It is about […]

26 Jun

Gold Breaks Out Big Ahead of G20 Summit

Get Ready for the Global Currency War! Bloomberg writes this about gold: “Futures post the highest close in six years; funds pile in.” With gold hitting six-year highs, major institutional financial analysts around the world have been busy revising upwards their precious metals price targets. Here’s a sampling of comments and observations about the precious […]

23 Jun

To Make Money… Buy Silver!

With gold closing over $1,400 an ounce and silver easily breaking through $15.00 an ounce, the world is discovering that there are a lot of important reasons to own gold and silver. Reasons like government debt and money printing.  Wealth preservation.   Financial privacy. Or just to make money! Today’s message is for those of […]

20 Jun

Gold Takes Off! New Silver Strength!

Gold raced to six-year highs on Thursday (6/20), closing at $1,397.10.  That’s a powerful one day move of $48 on news of Iran taking out a US military drone and the expectation of forthcoming US countermeasures. The headline that best captured to action was from Bloomberg News:  Gold Achieves Liftoff as Prices Rocket Toward $1,400! […]

18 Jun

What’s Going on with Gold?

Gold’s close at $1350 on Tuesday, 6/18 was the highest close in over a year.  Last week gold reached an intraday high of $1362. With that, gold is more than $50 an ounce over its 50-day moving average; it is more than $80 an ounce over its 200-day m0ving average. So, what exactly is going […]

15 Jun
$20 Liberty gold coin

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Own Gold!

At Republic Monetary Exchange, we take client service seriously. Our gold professionals are always only a phone call away.  And with our blog, we provide our clients with online briefings on news and vital behind the scenes-developments.  Special profit tips.  Spot-on warnings about stock market sell-offs.  The deep significance of record gold buying by the […]

13 Jun

Gold: The Best Trade Going

(And a note about the Persian Gulf incidents) From Bloomberg: Paul Tudor Jones, the Tudor Investment Corporation founder, believes that gold is the best trade and is going to “scream” over the next year to two years. Jones is a leading hedge fund manager of long-standing.  His philanthropic activities are many.  He first became prominent […]

11 Jun
Bull vs Bear Market Gold

Ron Paul Announces the New Gold Bull Market

“I think we’re in the middle of a bull market in gold.” That’s the observation of Dr. Ron Paul.   The former congressman and presidential candidate was commenting on the dramatic surge in gold prices.  Even with a correction this week, gold is up more than $60 an ounce since its late May low just […]

08 Jun

Good Old-Fashioned Profits

Why do people buy gold? People certainly buy gold for a lot of (good) different reasons. Some people buy gold for long-term capital preservation.   If your grandparents or great grandparents had left you a pile of $20 gold coins, you’d be a lot better off than if they had left you a wad of […]

06 Jun

When the Socialists Come for Your Wealth

I have coined a term for it:  the socialist juggernaut.   Socialism is when the government enables other people to live at your expense.   A juggernaut is a large, merciless, and unstoppable destructive force. And that is what is loose in America.  A socialist juggernaut. You work.  You save.  And then politicians looking for […]

04 Jun

The Cruelest Month

April, says the famous poem The Waste Land, is the cruelest month.  But May was pretty tough on the top-heavy stock market, as we had warned.  (See here, here, and here.) The Month of May was cruel to investors. Both the Dow Industrials and the S&P 5oo lost six percent in May.  The Nasdaq fell […]

31 May

Gold to Silver Ratio: A Second Chance

Today we have a rare and potentially extremely profitable opportunity for our friends and clients.   The Gold-Silver has recently reached levels that have not been seen in more than 25 years! The ratio is simply the gold price divided by the silver price.  It tells you how many ounces of silver you can buy […]

30 May

The Swiss Like Their Gold!

Switzerland has a long, long history of taking issues of money, wealth, banking and financial propriety very seriously.   These are some of the reason that Switzerland has long been a prosperous island of stability surrounded by centuries of chaos and ruinous inflation, currency failure, and bankruptcy in neighboring countries like Germany, France, and Italy. […]

29 May
rising interest rates

Interest Rates: The Sign of the Times!

We would like you, and all our friends and clients, to take a good look at the accompanying chart.  It will help you read the signs of the times. It is an eye-opening portrayal of this stage in the everything bubble!  As you can see from the movement up by the S&P500 since last Christmas, […]

24 May

Gold Wins in a Currency War

There are two takeaways from today’s’ commentary.  Let me share them with your right up front: Takeaway #1: President Trump wants to have a currency war with China, and ultimately with the rest of the world. Takeaway #2: The big winner in currency wars is gold. In addition to continual calls from the administration for all the […]

22 May

Own Gold Before You Are Locked out of Your Bank!

De-Risking! We’ve all heard of bloggers and writers – mostly conservatives, but not all – that have been de-platformed by social media.  These are people that have said something that the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have found unacceptable, and who have therefore been banned and lost their access to their audiences. But […]

21 May

They Never Announce the Bubble

There is an old expression in the stock market that they never ring a bell at the top.  It’s true.   They shouldn’t need to ring a bell.  This expansion is already long-in-the-tooth, almost ten years old.  In a few weeks it will be the longest on record.  Ever.  And one of the weakest, too. […]

19 May

The Casino Economy

Avoid the casino economy! The stock market looks more like a casino every day.  And you know that casino odds are never in your favor. Casino?  Consider David Stockman’s observation that “between the September 21 intra-day high of 2,941 and the 2,351 close on Christmas Eve, the S&P 500 index dropped by a stomach-churning 25% […]

16 May

More Gold Nuggets of News

Today some key insights and financial news, little noticed and mostly overlooked stories that affect our economy, paper money, and gold; bite-size news that we think our friends and clients should know.   China Cuts US Debt Holdings “China reduced its holdings of U.S. debt in March by about $20.5 billion, bringing its overall ownership […]

15 May

Trump Calls for Currency War with China!

We think this is one of the most important warnings we have posted.  Please read it carefully. We posted an item months ago about the way that tariff wars can deteriorate into currency wars.   A currency war is about to break out.   A currency war occurs when nations deliberately weaken the value of […]

10 May
US-China Trade War

Gold: Safety on the Sidelines of the Trade War

Things to keep in mind while Alien and Predator are locked in mortal trade combat, whipsawing the stock market, and trampling ordinary people underfoot: There is hardly a sector of the market or an area that won’t be affected.  American farmers are already being slammed.  To cite but one example, Farmers for Free Trade reports […]

10 May

Another Bubble!

Market Sell-Off Continues It was just days ago that we warned the stock market was hanging by a thread.   Now we have seen just how thin that thread was.   The one-day 473 point drop in the Dow earlier this week is nothing to sneeze at.  As of this morning, its getting hammered again- […]

07 May
eventually that will fail

Is Today’s Venezuela the Future of America?

Charlie Munger knows what’s going on, and he has some warnings about printing more money. “Both parties have learned they can print all the money they want.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.   In fact, we have said it.  Over and over again. But this time it’s not us.  This time it’s Charlie […]

05 May

What’s That Sound?

Have you noticed that practically nobody in Washington talks about the national debt anymore? Not so long ago there were committees of concern about the national debt, national debt commissions, people signing petitions, and coalitions in Congress to rein in the debt. But now, at $22 trillion dollars of debt and climbing, there is none […]

02 May
tech stocks down

Two Things that Investors Should Know

First Thing You Should Know: How do you think President Trump would like to have a full Monty recession underway around while he’s campaigning for reelection in 2020? Not much! He says the Fed is holding back the economy.  That’s why he’s calling for the Fed to lower interest rates a full-percentage point and to […]

01 May

The Stock Market is Hanging by a Thread

Things haven’t been sound on the money front for a long time, and certainly not since the Fed was created and we left the gold standard. We developed quite a reputation for out timely warnings about the stock market last year (see here, here, and here.) What took place in stocks late in the year […]

28 Apr

MMT and Helicopter Money

You can’t believe how crazy things are in Washington. Thing haven’t been sound on the money front for a long time.  Certainly not since the Fed was created and we left the gold standard. But thing have gotten crazier than ever.  Now people in Washington and their academic minions are working on hyper-inflationary schemes you […]

28 Apr
dont count on social security after 2035

Hot Links!

Hot Links to News You Should Know As part of our commitment to keeping our clients informed, here are links to a few headline stories that you may want to know about. From CNBC comes this headline:  Maybe inflation is not dead as many major companies say they are raising prices.   While higher prices […]

23 Apr

2019 World Silver Survey Results

Demand Up! Supplies Down! Today, we glean some information from the new World Silver Survey 2019.  The annual report, released this month, is produced by The Silver Institute, a trade association. The Survey notes several significant silver supply/demand developments last year.   Total silver demand rose 4 percent to 1.0335 billion ounces in 2018.  This […]

22 Apr
confrontation with Iran high gas prices

Temperature Rising in the Persian Gulf

The U.S. confrontation with Iran continues to escalate It is still mostly a war of words, but we are inching closer to something else.  The risk of an incident, even an accident, is rising.  A military engagement of any sort in the shipping lanes of the Persian Gulf is all it would take to kick […]

15 Apr
the fed bubble

The Fed Bubble

Recessions, depression, and destroying 96 percent of the dollar’s purchasing power. Yes, the Fed’s track record is pretty bad. But the Federal Reserve is good at one thing:  Creating bubbles.  Like the dot com bubble and the housing bubble. And now the Fed’s massive money printing, pumping trillions to Wall Street, has created the biggest […]

12 Apr
helicopter money

Helicopter Money

Dropping Soon from a Sky Near You? We know what the Fed will do.   We just know don’t know exactly when and by what means. The Federal Reserve will inflate.  It will print money.  It will debauch the currency.   It will do what it has always done.  That is the source of its […]

09 Apr
China gold buying spree

The Gold Buying Spree Continues

China is Serious About Gold For the naïve mind there is something miraculous in the issuance of fiat money. A magic word spoken by the government creates out of nothing a thing which can be exchanged against any merchandise a man would like to get. How pale is the art of sorcerers, witches, and conjurors […]

07 Apr

Your Share of the National Debt

It’s the Titanic and the Iceberg- Full Speed Ahead. Icebergs aren’t the only things that are 90 percent underwater. So is the US national debt. The visible national debt is more than $22 trillion.  That’s the part that everybody knows about.  If you ask Google, it says $22 trillion.  If you walk by the US […]

04 Apr
Student Debt problem

Student Loan Debt

Student debt is a ball-and-chain for the economy People with homes in forested areas know to remove dry brush from around their homes during fire season. There’s a lot of dry tinder, fuel to feed a conflagration, around the US economy now.   And it’s not being cleaned up.   It’s growing. One of the […]

04 Apr
Gold Bars and Nuggets

Gold (Information) Nuggets

Here are some quick gold facts… Today some random facts about gold and the gold market, valuable little nuggets of information gleaned from World Gold Council research: Gold Outperforms Paper Money “Over the past century, gold has greatly outperformed all major currencies as a means of exchange. This includes instances when major economies defaulted, sending […]

31 Mar

How to Acquire More Gold with Ratio Trading

Put the Gold to Silver Ratio to Work If you will spend a minute or so on the following story problem, I will share with you a secret that professional traders, dealers, and investors use to grow their precious metals holdings. 1- Bill has 10 ounces of gold. 2- He agrees to trade it for […]

28 Mar
gold charts up

Reason #4,397 to Own Gold

Reason #4,397 to Own Gold They just never stop.  The people who want to control your life, your money, and your wealth, that is. They never stop! After watching the authorities destroy 96 percent of the purchasing power of the dollar, after watching all the bubbles they inflate that then pop in a spectacle of […]

26 Mar

$10,000 Gold?

When the US Defaults… Well. The conversation is certainly changing.   Not so long ago the suggestion that the US might default on its debt was considered slightly reprehensible in mainstream circles. But we noticed an article on Fox Business News the other day from the principal of a Dallas investment firm asking just how […]

24 Mar
The Doom Loop

The Doom Loop

Washington has us in the “Doom Loop” Call it what you like.  A vicious circle.  A downward spiral.  The point of no return.   I prefer to call it The Doom Loop. Here’s an example.  Suppose your business has to borrow a dollar to make 90 cents.  You’re headed for big trouble. Here’s a better […]