25 Sep

You Can See What’s Coming!

Secure your Wealth with Gold and Silver Take a look down the road. Financial… political… social instability.   You can see what’s coming.  It’s much easier to see how thing come apart than how they get put back together.   We have a bruising fight over a Supreme Court vacancy, a battle that may well […]

24 Sep

More Funny Money

“Wealth cannot be created by creating debt and money.” – Ray Dalio Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell testifying in Washington, and other Fed officials running around the country, are of one voice calling for more Washington stimulus spending. Spending of money which Washington doesn’t have, by the way.  But not to worry, the Fed will […]

23 Sep

The Days Ahead

“Fasten your seatbelts!”  “Please keep your hands and arms inside the monorail at all times.” “Should the cabin lose pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the overhead area. Please place the mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others.” Okay, we’re just trying to set the tone for the next couple of months.  […]

18 Sep

Debt Out the Wazoo=$7000 Gold?

From a dizzying array of news and information at our fingertips, we have ch0sen the following as among the most important and interesting for our friends and clients. $7000 GOLD BY 2025 Senior Bloomberg Intelligence Commodity Strategist Mike McGlone makes the case for $7,000 gold not too far down the road.   In a series […]

17 Sep

Fed Policies Bullish for Gold

Nobody ever said economics is funny, but this was enough to make a dog laugh! Because they can’t be serious, right?   Right? The Federal Reserve released a policy statement and economic projections Wednesday (9/16). The Wall Street Journal captured the absurdity of it all in a headline: “Fed Signals Interest Rates to Stay Near […]

16 Sep

The Government is Already Broke!

The US government isn’t going broke.   The US government is already broke. This is a little hard for most people to swallow.  After all, America is thought to be a rich country.  The government is huge.  We pay a lot of taxes.  How can the government be broke? But it is broke nonetheless. The […]

11 Sep

The New Stagflation Decade

If you’re old enough to remember the 1970s, then you remember the Stagflation Decade. If you’re not old enough, ask your parent or grandparents about it.   “Stagflation” is one of those made-up words, a portmanteau, as they are called, that combine two different words together to express something new.  Like “Brexit” to describe Britain […]

10 Sep

Three Things Every Gold Investor Needs to Know

Reasons for Higher Gold, Echoes of the Last Stock Bubble, and China Stocking Up! As gold continues to consolidate its remarkable 2020 gains and build a base for its next leg up, we’ve spotted three things that help provide a window on what’s ahead. Number 1: First, we’ll share the fundamental observations of a Bloomberg […]

10 Sep

Something Does Not Compute

You might very well have had a conversation like this recently: “How can the stock market be at an all time high when the economy is in the tank?  With all this unemployment?  All these people out of work?  All these unpaid mortgages and commercial leases?  With all these bankruptcies?” “How can the economy be […]

06 Sep

Is a COVID Food Crisis Next?

Maybe the Fed could arrange to jack up prices while so many American families are already just squeaking by! The Fed wants to raise the cost of living. We called your attention last month to the decision by the Federal Reserve to run inflation hotter.  See Fed: More Inflation Please! and Gold Just Became an […]

02 Sep

Silver Does it Again

Silver Has Outperformed Everything! The latest results are in.  Through the month of August silver remains the top performing major financial asset for the year 2020! Not only is silver ahead for the entire year, it outperformed other assets once again in the month of August.  That makes two months in a row that silver […]

01 Sep

New Faces in Gold Spaces

We’ve Spotted a New and Important Trend! We commented last month about gold skeptic Warren Buffett’s turn toward gold (see HERE and HERE).  It was a surprise move, but one we found very telling. Now there is another face in the gold space, one that we find equally significant.  Last week the Ohio Police & […]

28 Aug
how to invest in gold silver

Gold Just Became an Even Better Investment

You Can Thank the Federal Reserve! Gold, alluring enough in the age of a $27 trillion federal debt, just became even more important for people seeking to prosper and protect their wealth from the breakdown all around them. Inflation in the US is going to run hot.  Not as an accident.  Not by surprise.   […]

27 Aug

Fed: More Inflation Please!

Spectacularly Bad Fed Timing… As Usual! They’re going to put the pedal to the metal on the money printing presses. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has broken the silence – it wasn’t very good silence; everybody knew it was coming.  The cronies always know what the Fed is going to do in advance, anyway – […]

26 Aug

Warren Buffett is Running from the Banks

Warren Buffet didn’t just move toward gold.  Warren Buffett moved away from banks.   Good moves both. As we reported last week, (Did Warren Buffett’s Dad Just Get a Whole Lot Smarter?), Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has purchased $563 million in shares of Barrick Gold, the world’s second-largest gold miner.   It’s a start. Next, maybe […]

21 Aug

More Breakdown

We have been pointing out that the breakdown that is taking place in American life is also at work crashing our monetary system. The signs of civic breakdown are all too visible.  Some of it, but by no means all, shows up on TV.  More can be seen on the Internet:  thugs and mobs assaulting, […]

20 Aug

Setbacks, Buying Opportunities, and Higher Gold Prices

Swiss Bank Sees “Buying Opportunity” After trading above and below and above $2,000 an ounce this month, the price of gold ran into a setback on Wednesday (8/19).   But Suisse Bank says, ““We see plenty of upside on the gold price and view the correction as a buying opportunity,” As we’ve detailed (See Raising […]

19 Aug

Did Warren Buffett’s Dad Just Get a Whole Lot Smarter?

Billionaires are Profiting During the Pandemic We learn from Forbes that the pandemic lockdown has been very, very good for Warren Buffett’s fortunes.   On March 18, 2020 his net worth was $68 billion.  Now its $80 billion.  40 percent of Americans may be out of work, and 100,000 business have disappeared forever, but with […]

14 Aug


We’re not trying to predict an unknown future in this commentary. We’re just pointing out that the signs of a breakdown are everywhere.  The streets of many of our most beautiful major cities have been turned into encampments for addicts and the homeless and dumping grounds for human waste and drug paraphernalia. Day after endless […]

13 Aug

Gold Prices in Constant Dollars

Gold has reached new highs in nominal terms but it’s still below its inflation-adjusted record How can you compare today’s gold and silver prices with their prices years ago? It is not as easy as comparing today’s price with the price on any given day in the past.  The reason why goes right to the […]

12 Aug

Three More Important Things…

Three More Important Things for People Interested in Gold But first a reminder.  The price of gold had a sharp correction in the middle of March with the COVID-19 lockdown, It proved to be a great buying opportunity, but it lasted only two weeks.  We think any pullbacks in the gold and silver prices should […]

06 Aug

Raising Targets

The biggest banks are raising their target prices for gold.  That is because we have already passed their old targets.   We are seeing headlines in the financial press that read, “Stunned by gold’s record rise? There’s more to come, analysts say,” and “Gold Barrels Past $2,000 With Stage Set to Rally Further.” Goldman Sachs […]

05 Aug

Bank of America Predicts $50 Silver

One of America’s leading banks now says silver could be headed to $50! It’s not the forecast itself that surprises us.  After all, silver has been at $50 twice, in 1980 and again in 2011. We don’t think silver at $50 is a stretch at all.  We think that it is a rather modest forecast.  […]

05 Aug

Amazing Gold! Astounding Silver!

Records Fall Like Dominos as Precious Metals Keep Marching Higher and Government Spends More, Prints More! Last week gold hit a new all-time high.  This week it roared right through the $2,000 an ounce psychological barrier.  Gold gained more than $50 per ounce on the COMEX market on Tuesday, racing to $2037 an ounce finish. […]

02 Aug


t’s all been predictable.  Gold hits all-time highs.  Silver surging. That’s why we’ve spent so much time predicting it. Perhaps you remember Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell’s appearance on CBS 60 Minutes back in May. Here’s a partial transcript: Reporter: “Fair to say you simply flooded the system with money?” Powell: “Yes. We did. That’s another […]

30 Jul
Gold Bars and Nuggets

Important News Nuggets From the Gold Bull Market

US Productivity Collapse The US has paid a steep price for the COVID-19 shutdown.  US productivity has fallen by a third.   The Bureau of Economic Analysis’ reports that, for the April-May-June quarter, US annualized quarter over quarter Gross National Product has fallen 32.9 percent.  That is worse than a Depression era collapse.  Does Washington […]

29 Jul
gold and silver portfolio

Gold Sets All-Time High, So What’s Next?

This week the price of gold set the all-time and seems ready to continue to break it’s own each day. Meanwhile, silver made one of its biggest moves in history. It has everyone talking. But the real question is what’s next? We think the answer is higher prices.   Much higher. Already major banks and […]

26 Jul

Civil Disorder

It is time to face up the widespread civil disorder on the streets of America’s cities and towns.   Nobody likes talking about civil unrest.  We don’t like to either.   But we are seeing a fair amount of it now and between Washington’s spending and the economic shutdown, it’s as close to a sure […]

24 Jul

The Financial Press Report Card

We love reading what the financial press says about the rip-roaring gold and silver bull market.   Sometimes they miss the mark, sometimes they stumble into the truth. Let’s look at two this week and give out some grades for their bull market coverage… FX Empire Here is some snippets from an FX Empire piece […]

22 Jul

Silver Awakens!

Leading Bank Forecasts 50% Move! Here at Republic Monetary Exchange, we have been unrelenting silver bulls.   At the end of last year we explained in detail how underpriced silver was:   “About 40 years ago, at the beginning of 1980, silver was $50 an ounce.   “In today’s dollars – because the Federal Reserve […]

17 Jul

Invest in Inflation

It was a line from the American humorist Will Rogers a long time ago: “Invest in inflation.  It’s the only thing that’s going up!” According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, after several months of decline, the June Consumer Price Index took a big jump in June.  It climbed .06 percent.    Annualize that!   […]

16 Jul

Off the Grid

This week we noted with great interest the accounts of the rich and famous being hacked.  Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Kanye West, Bill Gates and Elon Musk all had their Twitter accounts hacked. It could have been the work of a state actor, like North Korea.  In that case, speculated one “senior American intelligence official,” […]

15 Jul

Gaining Perspective

Everything going on the country is a reason for more Washington money-printing and more Washington spending (at least according to Washington!) And that means higher gold and silver prices. Here are a few examples. Washington, Where $1 Trillion Is Never Enough “Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday rejected the Trump administration’s calls to limit the next […]

12 Jul

Time to Stand Up!

Important! Before It’s Too Late! Today’s commentary is something different for us at Republic Monetary Exchange. Our beat is money and helping our clients profit and protect themselves with gold and silver. We don’t stray often. But today we must. Freedom is one whole. If our freedom can be taken away in one area, we […]

09 Jul

Three Things to Know in the Gold Bull Market

1. The World Is Starting to Notice Gold! “Gold prices ticked past $1,800 an ounce this week, and are now not far from the all-time highs reached in 2011, in the bleak aftermath of the financial crisis. New records could be ahead.” That is the lead from a story about gold in the Wall Street […]

08 Jul

Surprised by Gold’s Powerful Bull Market?

This chart will explain! We would like our friends and clients to spend a few minutes thinking about what this chart means.  We have chosen it because we think it explains today’s powerful gold bull market. Even more, we think it makes clear that gold is headed higher.   But for as dramatic as this […]

02 Jul

Time to Start Thinking About Stagflation

It’s one thing to live in a slow-growth or no-growth economy.  That’s bad enough. And it’s something else to live in an inflationary economy. But it looks like it’s time to start planning for the worst of both worlds:  STAGFLATION!  That’s a combination of the stagnation of weak or no growth along with rising prices. […]

01 Jul

The Halftime Report

Some may breathe a sigh of relief that 2020 is now half over.  It has been a challenging year on many fronts.  But it should be of some comfort for our clients and friends to know that, as forecast, gold is the big winner.   Here’s a brief 2020 halftime report along with charts of […]

30 Jun

Extraordinarily Uncertain

Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell has proclaimed the future “extraordinarily uncertain.” It is one of the few times that he has spoken that we find ourselves nodding in agreement. Here are some uncertainties that spring to mind:  Will people ever go back to movie theaters in the numbers they did before?  Or will they stay […]

26 Jun

No Wonder the Super-Rich Are Buying Gold!

Gold Has Outperformed Every Major Asset Over the Past 12 Months! It’s been said that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. There is no question the Federal Reserve policies have been stove-piping money to the wealthy.  At the same time, the middle-class has stagnated.   But the rich are not just depending […]

24 Jun

Seeing is Believing!

We want to share a few charts today, first to illustrate this powerful gold bull market, and then to show some of the financial machinations going on behind the scenes that we believe will drive gold much higher.  By some interpretations, the gold bull market was confirmed, if not born, in August 2018 with the […]

19 Jun

Dollar Crash, Part III

The Fiddle-Dee-Dee Chronicles We have written a couple of important posts lately about a coming dollar crash.   In Dollar Breakdown Ahead! we cited former Yale economist Steven Roach, who says, ““U.S. living standards are about to be squeezed as never before.” We followed up on Roach’s observations in “More on the Coming Dollar Crash”.  […]

18 Jun

Amazed at the Stock Market Bubble

We have reported to you recently about the Wall Street “smart money” buying gold.  Names like Dalio, Druckenmiller, Tudor Jones, Zell, Gundlach, Singer, Klarman, Einhorn, Mobius, Hendry, Zell…  See All the Smart Money is Buying Gold, and More About the Smart Money. There are two more smart guys we want to mention.  We think it […]

17 Jun

More on the Coming Dollar Crash

The dollar will crash under the staggering weight of its debt! In fact, “The dollar is going to fall very, very sharply.”  That’s what Steven Roach says.  He’s very concerned. We wrote about Roach last week (Dollar Breakdown Ahead!), calling him “a pretty sensible guy.” That was when he told Bloomberg News that “US living […]

14 Jun


Nobody can watch everything all the time.  There are too many channels.  And the domestic news has reached the outer limits.  In fact, it is mesmerizing: demonstrations and looting, a new country with its own warlords that spring right up in the middle of a major American city, yesterday’s parade of authority figures proven wrong […]

10 Jun
Rising costs of food and goods

Grocery Prices Take Off

The authorities cannot print trillions of dollars, money unbacked by anything and conjured out of nothing, without impacting prices. And that is probably the best reason today to buy gold.  Because the Federal Reserve has been printing money like there is no tomorrow.   Last year at this time, in the middle of June, the […]

09 Jun

Dollar Breakdown Ahead

“U.S. living standards are about to be squeezed as never before.” Oh, great!  Exploding federal budget deficits are catching up with us.  The chickens are coming home to roost and a crash in the dollar is headed our way. That’s according to a piece on Bloomberg News the other day, A Crash in the Dollar […]

07 Jun

Preparing for the Seen and Unseen

Cities burning, a plague on the land, businesses failing, millions unemployed. That is what is visible. What is hidden from most people is the destruction of our monetary system by mad money printing and a mountain of unpayable debt that is close to collapse. That’s unseen.  For now. We have written many times about the […]

05 Jun

The World Keeps Turning to Gold

The policy responses to the COVID-19 virus continue driving investors and institutions around the world to protect themselves with gold.  Riots and looting will drive more people to gold. They are watching governmental failure.  They are seeing deficit-funded spending soar.  They are watching digital money printing at speeds unthinkable only last year. The latest numbers […]

03 Jun

Gold and the Money Supply

Wonder why gold is headed higher? Take a look at how much money the Federal Reserve is printing.  And how it pulls gold right along with it! This chart above tracks the growing money supply (in black), using a broad measure of liquidity called Money of Zero Maturity.  It consists of cash, and cash-like instruments […]

31 May

Silver Opportunities in the Bull Market

In a precious metals bull market like this, it usually takes silver a while to wake up!  Silver is waking up now. We like to alert you to great profit opportunities.  Gold goes first.  It leads the way.  But when silver starts moving, it really rips! Silver has started moving!  The gold/silver ratio, which reached […]

28 May
financial warfare

Financial Warfare

Don’t count on China helping fund much more of America’s growing mountain of debt.  Better to wonder how long it will continue holding all the US Treasury debt it currently has. That’s because things are escalating between the US and China.  It has gotten to the point of official name-calling. China holds $1.08 trillion of […]

27 May

It’s Not All That Complicated

It’s not all that complicated.   For example, if the government spends like crazy and comes up with the money by just printing it, you should be suspicious of the long-term prospects of that money. It’s not all that complicated. We’ve tried to do a good job making fiscal and monetary policies simple.  Another example:  […]

22 May

What Hit Us?

In this commentary we are sharing with you exactly the same message as on our radio messages this week.     Except this is a little better because now we can also show you what we are talking about.   It is especially important to see and understand this, because next year people everywhere are […]

20 May

Central Banks Still Buying Gold!

The world’s central banks continued their diversification into gold with new acquisitions in the first quarter of 2020 (January – March).  The World Gold Council reports net new central bank gold purchases of 145 metric tons in the period. We feature news about central bank gold buying because we believe it represents one of the […]

19 May
Jerome Powell

The Fed ‘Fesses Up

The Fed is doing what it did in reaction to the Panic of 2008.  The very measures that ran gold to stratospheric new highs in a few short years. Only they’re doing much more of it. But don’t just take it from us.   Now you have it directly from Lawrence Powell, the chairman of […]

17 May

If it’s Paper, It’s Not Gold!

We wonder how much longer Bernie Madoff’s stunning stock swindle could have continued but for the financial environment suddenly shifting. It all fell apart for Madoff with the Wall Street shakeout that included the failure of Bear Stearns and Lehmann Brothers in the fall of 2008.  Investors everywhere were in trouble and began selling their […]

14 May

Gold Nuggets and News for May 2020

As we reach the midway of the month, here are some recent developments and news stories we don’t think our friends and clients should miss! Food prices are starting to climb. Here’s the headline from CNBC:  US grocery costs jump the most in 46 years, led by rising prices for meat and eggs. “The Labor […]

12 May
Gold Bull Room to Run 2016

How Long? (Before Gold Hits the New High)

Like Jeopardy!, today’s post comes in the form of a question. How long? It’s getting close, but how long?   How long before gold makes a new all-time high? We’re not trying to be tricky, since gold is already making new all-time highs all around the world.  Gold has recently set new record highs in […]

10 May

More About the Smart Money

Want to Know More? Hint: They are Gold Buyers! Although we wrote about the “smart money” buying gold almost two weeks ago, we would like to loop back around to it again because of the importance of the subject for our friends and clients. It started when we reported that newsletter writer Fred Hickey had […]

06 May

Public Finance: Don’t Look Too Closely!

The exploding US debt and the frenzy of Federal Reserve money printing is a reminder that the whole enterprise of public finance is not something you want to look at too closely… unless you are prepared for some really ugly stuff. You will come face to face with deceit, theft, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste beyond measure, […]

05 May
debt black hole

US Debt Calamity Dead Ahead?

Tell us something we didn’t know! In big, bold type the scare headline on the Drudge Report reads, “TREASURY BORROWS TRILLIONS MORE.” And that links to a Wall Street Journal scare headline that reads, “U.S. Treasury Expects to Borrow $4.5 Trillion in Fiscal Year as Stimulus Spending Soars.” Here’s the story.  During the current April […]

03 May

Look What They Are Doing to the Dollar!

Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels It’s time to take a closer look at the financial measures authorities around the world have taken in response to the Coronavirus. Bloomberg estimates that between direct spending, new money and credit creation, bank guarantees and loans, governments have spent $8 trillion on “stimulus” measures. That’s more than ten percent […]

01 May

Silver Institute Report Calls for $19 Silver

The Gold-Silver Ratio Reaches Unprecedented Highs During Shutdown! The Silver Institute, a trade association has released its annual report on silver, the World Silver Survey. The report, produced for the Institute by a private research firm, forecasts the silver price to reach $19 this year.  That represents an increase of 20 percent over the next […]

28 Apr

All the Smart Money is Buying Gold

What is the smart money doing?   For once it’s pretty clear. They’re buying gold. But don’t take it from us. Fred Hickey writes a newsletter called The High Tech Strategist.  He’s been at it since 1987.   Here’s a recent tweet from Hickey; “ALL the smart money: Dalio, Druckenmiller, Tudor Jones, Zell, Gundlach, Singer, […]

26 Apr

Economic Chaos!

Economic chaos has descended on the land.   And in such a time, there is nothing like gold and silver. But is it a time of chaos?   Look around! This is what you’ll see: Crashing crude oil prices dropped into negative territory.  Interest rates are negative.  Both are not only unprecedented, they are unnatural! […]

23 Apr

Things Fall Apart

“Things fall apart; the center cannot hold.” –W.B. Yeats Here’s the headline: “The US is suffering the fastest deterioration in operating conditions for over 11 years.” The economy is turning down even faster than anytime during the Great Recession.    How could it not?  Is anyone surprised that with restaurants and gyms, barber and beauty […]

22 Apr

Stop the Presses! Bank Discovers Fed Can’t Print Gold!

Bloomberg:  “Gold to Reach $3,000—50% Above Its Record, Bank of America Says” You’ve probably seen it in black and white movies.  Movies set in the old days when everyone read newspapers.  Upon discovering the most unexpected and shocking news, uncovering a major corruption scandal, a plot, or crime, the intrepid reporter bursts into the newspaper […]

18 Apr

U.S Mint Shuts Down

Coronavirus Closes Mint The US Mint at West Point has shut down because of the Coronavirus. The West Point facility mints American Eagle investment gold, silver, and platinum bullion coins.  The production halt comes at a time of surging investor demand for the gold and silver coins. Many dealers across the country are already out […]

17 Apr

Look What They’re Doing with the Money!

No Wonder Gold is Headed Higher! The Federal Reserve is printing money like crazy!   That’s not just an expression.  The Fed is unhinged! The following charts say it all.  What it shows is completely unprecedented!   It is a chart of Fed assets.  It represents what the Fed carries on its books, anything it […]

14 Apr

Scoundrels Found in Washington!

D.C. Doesn’t Care About the Dollar or Debt A lot of timely questions and second thought about the coronavirus and the lockdown are appearing in the news right now.  We think it is always wise to question everything government does, but as we’ve said many times, we are neither virologists nor epidemiologists. Our expertise in […]

13 Apr

Do the Opposite of the Fed!

If they buy junk, you buy gold and silver! Monetary policy in this country is coming apart at the seams.  In our last post, we commented on the Federal Reserve now venturing into junk bond territory.   If the Fed is buying junk bonds for its portfolio, it’s like a screaming siren alarm going off […]

09 Apr
silver to gold ratio May 2017

Gold and Silver: It’s Going Fast!

Gold took a big jump on Thursday (4/9) when the Federal Reserve announced its latest monetary outrage.   The Fed is ramping its money printing to manic levels so that it can even buy junk bonds!   Junk bonds.  Bonds that aren’t even rated investment grade.     The Fed is stepping off the financial […]

07 Apr

Good Advice from Rich Dad!

So, what are you going to do with your coronavirus stimulus money – otherwise known as the economic impact payment?   Its money headed your way as early as mid-April, part of the $2 trillion bill Congress passed, and President Trump signed last month. The economic impact payments amount to $1,200 for individuals, $2,400 for […]

05 Apr

How Did We Get Here?

12 MONTHS OF MARKET CALLS, ADVICE, WARNINGS, AND RECOMMENDATIONS  See Where We’ve Been and What We’ve Said about Where We’re Going!  Here at Republic Monetary Exchange, we spend a lot of time and energy to see that our friends and clients get the very best market analysis possible.  And while we don’t claim modern-day Nostradamus […]

02 Apr

Record Demand for American Eagles

To protect their wealth, many Americans are reacting to unsettling conditions in prudent and time-tested ways. They are trying to protect their wealth with precious metals.   The US Mint reports record-shattering gold and silver coin sales for the month of March! According to the latest numbers from Coin News, the Mint sold 142,000 ounces […]

29 Mar

RME Has Gold and Silver

Others Have Long Delays… Can’t Deliver Metals Now! Republic Monetary Exchange has gold and silver available now, even in these turbulent times, for immediate delivery. Buy gold and silver today from Republic Monetary Exchange, and take delivery today! WARNING:  Our competitors are out of inventory.  Some are promising to deliver gold and silver to their […]

25 Mar

Gold Briefs and Essential News

Goldman Sachs – “Time to buy the Currency of Last Resort” Goldman Sachs gets it.  “We have long argued that gold is the currency of last resort, acting as a hedge against currency debasement when policymakers act to accommodate shocks such as the one being experienced now,” said the investment banking giant this week. The […]

24 Mar

Beware the Hyper-Inflating Fed

Don’t Get Quarantined in Dollars! You do not want to risk being locked down in an incurable paper money economy.  One with no escape.  You need to be aware of just how grim the prognosis is for the Fed’s dollar.   So today we share an observation from Tom Dyson, who writes a newsletter called […]

22 Mar

Stop Searching! RME has Gold and Silver In Stock TODAY

Others Sold Out!   Long Delays!   Not Republic Monetary Exchange!   Silver Eagles and other products are available For Immediate Delivery!  Buy Today… Take Delivery Today Empty store shelves.  Staples of life missing from stores.  A stock market collapse.  Quarantines.  And the hunt for toilet paper seems to have suddenly become a leading topic […]

19 Mar

News and Views About the Markets and Economy

We know that even if you are unable to go to work, practicing social distancing, or even quarantined, that you still can’t read everything.  So here is a sampling for you of observations and insights from people we turn to from time to time. Bretton Woods Research writes that we are only in the third […]

17 Mar

Now What?

It could have been one of many other things, but the Coronavirus is the pin that popped the stock market bubble.   Now the Federal Reserve has started another aggressive round of Quantitative Easing.  It does so under the general behavioral rule that when you’re holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  Printing money […]

15 Mar
Global gold prices

The Gold Price During the Stock Market Blood Bath

A Look at the Price of Gold During the Stock Market Selloff In February we described a familiar market pattern in a stock market collapse.  Stock investors forced to come up with cash to meet margin calls or to cover other losses often turn to gold as a source for their liquidity needs. In Blood […]

12 Mar

Charts and the Stampede to Gold

We’d like to step back from the daily reports of the wild swings and mounting losses in the stock market to let you ponder a couple of longer-term, big picture items.  We think the two charts that follow are mostly self-explanatory, so we will just tell you what they represent and otherwise keep out commentary […]

11 Mar

The Plunge Protection Team

After long years in Washington, the presidential candidate didn’t seem to know what it was.  Senator John McCain was caught up short when Ron Paul asked him in the 2008 Republican debates what his position would be on the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets.   It’s doubtful most people of Capitol Hill, much less […]

08 Mar

Silver Eagles Spike; Gold is Headed Higher

The Unexpected We expect gold to move much higher this year. We expect it because we keep an eye on Washington.     But you need to think about the unexpected, too.   Monty Python, the comedy troupe had a routine about the fact that “nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.”  We don’t expect it either. […]

27 Feb

Gold in the Age of Bernie

We are compelled to take our attention off the spreading of the Coronavirus for this post, simply to remind you of the presidential race.  It’s become something of a bidding war as the Democratic candidates outbid one another for what the intend to give the American people –  guaranteed jobs, national rent control, and free […]

25 Feb

The Bat Virus Lesson: Buy Gold

A lot of things aren’t yet clear about COVID-19.  But one lesson is clear:  Buy gold to protect yourself in a crisis! People around the world get the flu every year.  Some people die from it.   The important public health question is just how lethal any spreading strain is.   We don’t know the […]

24 Feb

Gold Prices Roar Higher

Market Looks Ahead, Doesn’t Like What’s Coming Our Way! Gold prices screamed to seven-year highs on Friday.  Early Monday morning, investors woke up to see the Dow Jones hammered down over 700 points while gold continued its rise, reaching as high as $1,687, up over $40 per ounce from its previous close. This is as […]

20 Feb

Bubbles Always Pop

We don’t know who first said that the stock market is a bubble in search of a pin, but it’s an image that is both vivid and true. It would be easy to excuse missing the current stock market bubble, if we hadn’t already suffered the popping of the dot.com bubble and the housing bubble […]

18 Feb

End the Fed and Avoid Economic Disaster!

Today’s comments come from former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul. “The only way to avoid economic disaster,” says Dr. Paul, “is to cut spending and audit, then end, the Federal Reserve.” Dr. Paul is a well-known gold authority with a great track record for predicting the calamities that result from economic irresponsibility.  His warnings […]

16 Feb

Stock Market Jitters

The Coronavirus is giving a lot of stock market professionals the jitters.    No wonder.  An economic slowdown in China, spreading with the virus, spells trouble for highly-leveraged sectors of its economy, trouble that can snowball quickly to other sectors.   And to other countries. It’s wise to be defensive now.  Simply ask yourself how […]

13 Feb

Do You Trust Washington or Gold?

It’s time to review the latest numbers.  We hear from Washington that the economy is stronger than ever.  Perhaps.  But that doesn’t mean the American middle class is in good shape.   So here are the disturbing facts: Americans are so financially stressed that 32 percent of them run out of money between paychecks.  The […]

11 Feb

Market Quotes and Observations

Here are just a few observations about the markets from others, some new comments worth being shared. The first is about the stock market from analyst David Rosenberg, founder of Rosenberg Research and Associates: “While I cannot pick the date, I can tell you that this turbocharged debt cycle will end miserably, not unlike 2008 […]

09 Feb

In a Crisis

The Coronavirus is a terrible event and a good reminder.   We join the rest of the world in hoping that this outbreak is limited, as was its related coronavirus malady Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.  SARS also originated in China, and resulted in some 8,000 cases in 2002-2003, but fewer than 800 deaths. That is […]

06 Feb

A Briefing for Gold Investors

The numbers are in for global central bank gold buying in 2019.  The World Gold Council reports, “Central banks were net buyers for a 10th consecutive year: global reserves grew by 650.3 tons, the second highest annual total for 50 years.”   As you know, we believe central bank gold buying is among the most […]

04 Feb

Pandemic – Stocks, Gold, and Central Banks

Stocks didn’t act on Tuesday (2/4) like the Coronavirus outbreak was an extinction-level event.   But as usual, there’s more to the story than immediately meets the eye. UBS customers were told that China’s stock sell-off “is an opportunity to buy that country’s stocks.”    One headline said, “Stock Market Rally Soars as Coronavirus Fears […]

02 Feb

Central Banks Buying Gold: What Happens Next?

The move by the world’s central banks to replace dollars with gold is one most important financial trends of our time. Our friends and regular readers know we think it is of vital importance:  we have written about it many times and tracked the stunning increase of gold in central bank vaults.   (For example, […]

29 Jan

CBO Announces Budget Deficit will Break $1 Trillion in 2020

Another reason gold goes up? More free stuff from the government! It was no surprise around here, but the Congressional Budget Office just announced that the 2020 deficit will break $1 trillion.  For that reason, among others, gold will move higher.   But what will the presidential election bring? John Stossel has been following the […]

28 Jan

How is the Coronavirus Affecting the Markets?

THE CORONAVIRUS, BLACK PLAGUE, AND BLACK SWANS We are not epidemiologists.   It is because we are dealers in precious metals and not epidemiologists, that we will leave it to others to speculate on the long-term outlook for the coronavirus, its strands, and mutations.  We are innately suspicious of all government reports and news releases, […]

27 Jan

How High Can Gold Go? Much Higher!

We’ve spilled more than a little digital ink here recently sharing the views of well-positioned people about how high the price of gold will go this year.   A quick review: Author Jim Rickards, says if the authorities let a debt crisis materialize, we can “watch gold soar to $14,000 per ounce or higher, not […]

21 Jan

Germans Are Standing in Line to Buy Gold

It has happened before.   And it will happen again.   We didn’t expect it to happen now.  But it did, in Germany earlier this month. We’ve seen it before.  People standing in lines that snake around the block, that is, waiting for their turn to buy gold.  Hoping that they’ll get their turn before […]

17 Jan

Why Are the ‘Super Rich’ Buying Gold Right Now?

The global ‘Super-rich’ are buying gold… physical gold. We’re talking the kind you hold in your hand… gold coins, gold bullion.  That’s the story from the Drudge Report the other day.  The super-rich are reading the signs of the time.   They are taking steps to protect themselves with gold. Well, they probably didn’t get […]

16 Jan

The World’s Largest Hedge Fund Says “Gold to Surge!”

The co-chief investment officer of the world’s largest hedge fund says gold could gain 30 percent this year, as global political uncertainties increase. That forecast would put gold at $2,000 per ounce. Bridgewater Associates, located in Westport, Connecticut, manages $160 billion for its clients, some 350 of the world’s largest institutions.  Greg Jensen, the firm’s […]

15 Jan

Spending Our Way to Prosperity

It’s a headline we are all too accustomed to seeing: “Federal Spending Sets Record.” It seems that federal spending is always setting a new record.  This time the story was on the Drudge Report the other day.  It reported that the federal government spent a record breaking $1,163,090,000,000 in the first three months – October, […]

12 Jan

The Gold Bull is Off and Running!

As our regular clients and readers know, we, as well as others, identified the birth of the new gold bull market last year.   Now there is additional new evidence that the bull is off and running. Gold reached all-time highs last year in key foreign currencies:  the pound, the yen, and both the Canadian […]

08 Jan

SPECIAL ALERT! Gold Higher on Wars and Rumors of War!

Our Recommendation! For now, it appears that the market is taking a breather in the matter of the US vs. Iran.  As we wrote yesterday, we are waiting for the next shoe to drop. President Trump says Iran is “standing down.”  Perhaps.  But Iran is saying something different. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says […]

08 Jan

2020: Off to an Explosive Start

“Do I have everyone’s attention now?” If the gold market could talk, we imagine it would be asking something like that.   Gold surged throughout December, ending 2019 at $1523.  Priced in dollars gold rose 18.3% and silver by 15.1% in 2019.  Then, with the killing last week of a top Iranian military commander Qassem […]

03 Jan

Gold Reacts to a Dangerous World!

Urgent Recommendation to Take Defensive Action! Always a sensitive barometer and the financial world’s go-to sanctuary in a crisis, gold wasted no time reflecting the dangers implicit in the US-Iranian face-off. Already in a bull market that began last summer, gold surged higher throughout December.   Now, with the escalation playing out in Iraq and […]

02 Jan

Historical Quotes About Gold and Silver

We recently posted our “Historical Quotes About Gold and Money” that contained important quotes from various intellectuals. Today, we follow up with more wise words from wise people… O gold! I still prefer thee unto paper, which makes bank credit like a bank of vapor. —Lord Byron, Don Juan Commodities such as gold and silver […]

30 Dec

2020 Monetary Predictions

Ten Things That Won’t Happen in 2020! Below are our predictions for the New Year.  Read our Top Ten 2020 Predictions and in the end, you’ll discover a little surprise about our list! 10.  The Federal Reserve won’t stop managing the monetary system to benefit the banks that created it to serve their interests in […]

28 Dec

Gold Has Been Money for a Very Long Time!

Excerpts from The New World of Gold, by Timothy Green, published in 1981: When Napoleon escaped from Elba in 1815 and was back in France raising an army, the price of gold in the London market jumped overnight from 4.6.6d an ounce to 5.7.0d.  ‘There was an extraordinary demand,’ a partner in Mocotta and Goldsmid, […]

26 Dec

Historical Quotes About Gold and Money

Some Important Things Said About Gold and Money… “Good money is coined freedom.” – Swiss Proverb “For 2,500 years the global electorate has identified gold as the most reliable standard of value—which means that gold, a specific amount of gold, is the best possible unit of account, the best proxy for all goods, services and […]

22 Dec

That Time of Year

This time of year, with holiday gatherings and celebrations, many of our thoughts center on family.     For wealth protection, from generation to generation, nothing endures like gold.  In fact, someone called gold and silver “the superheroes of wealth preservation.” Gold is one of the least reactive chemical elements;  it does not tarnish or […]

17 Dec

More Gold Nuggets of News and Information

DOLLAR DEBASEMENT CONTINUES AT RECORD PACE! The Federal Reserve is positively gushing dollars.  As the US money supply surges, it ultimately depreciates the value of the dollar. Over the last 12 months, the M2 money supply has grown by an unprecedented $1.1 trillion dollars. WASHINGTON CAN’T/WON’T BUDGET RESPONSIBLY! Here are some quotes from Maya MacGuineas, […]

13 Dec

What Is the Fed So Afraid Of?

The Federal Reserve is panicking.  Or at least it is acting like it, with moves of seeming desperation that are not clearly explained. Quietly, the Fed is printing money like crazy.  But it isn’t saying what it is so afraid of. For anyone steeped in the unhinged Keynesian theories that rule at the central bank, […]

11 Dec

Interest Rates: The Perfect Storm is Coming Our Way

We’ve probably used our share of clichés in these posts, but we don’t think we’ve ever resorted to “perfect storm.”  (If we have, we beg forgiveness!) But sometimes it takes a cliché.  How better to describe the convergence of critical factors that together create a transcendent calamity, a disaster that is greater than the sum […]

10 Dec

How Do They Get Away With It?

It has long been said that a fool and his money are soon parted.  But we sometimes wonder how the money manipulators get away with it. How did they get away with calling in all the American people’s gold in the early 1930s?  How did the get away with making it a felony to own […]

08 Dec

Gold in 2020

2019 has been a great year for our clients.     And we think 2020 will be even better.    Others agree.  In fact, Congressman Ron Paul thinks gold will double, reaching $3,000 by the end of 2020.   That may be underestimating the power of this new bull market in gold.  Just last week […]

04 Dec

Fair Warning from the Stock Market!

Yet Another Market Sell-Off There’s no telling how many warnings you’ll get.  Tuesday’s sharp sell-off can be considered a fair warning. The stock market closed down.  The Dow Industrial were off 280 points at the close, but at one point during the session, it had dropped 450 points;  that follows a 268 point drop on […]