Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Own Gold!

15 Jun
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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Own Gold!

Gold Market Discussion

At Republic Monetary Exchange, we take client service seriously.

Our gold professionals are always only a phone call away.  And with our blog, we provide our clients with online briefings on news and vital behind the scenes-developments.  Special profit tips.  Spot-on warnings about stock market sell-offs.  The deep significance of record gold buying by the world’s central banks.   

Let’s discuss some things you must know to protect your wealth.  

I have more than four decades in the precious metals business and founded RME Gold in 2008.  We have been serving our client from the same location ever since.  And we have a staff of professional gold and silver advisors trained to assist you to achieve your investing goals.  

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Because of our reputation as the Gold Authorities, we know many people have bookmarked our website and read our alerts who have not taken the necessary steps to protect themselves and their families from the approaching financial upheavals. 

We think it is important that as many people as possible be alerted to the economic challenges ahead of us.  And, in fact, the more people who own gold and silver, the more resilience the economy will have when the breakdown of the current monetary system takes place.

We don’t want commerce to grind to a halt because no one has reliable money.  Nor do we want people to suffer avoidable loss.

But all the information in the world is not enough for people who procrastinate forever.  Too many people in this country still have not acted to protect themselves in a currency crisis.  

But we are not willing to throw in the towel simply because someone hasn’t taken prudent action yet.

With that said, below are links to four recent posts on the RME Gold blog that should help move people to add gold and silver to their holdings now.

Back in April, I called central bank gold buying a “megatrend.”  It is one of the most important and overlooked monetary developments of our time.  For more on the story be sure to read The Gold Buying Spree Continues.

The national debt, now more than $22 trillion, is one of the best indicators of the scale of US fiscal recklessness.  Through the first eight months of the fiscal year 2019, the US government spent more than $3 trillion, which is a new spending record.  The budget shortfall, the deficit for the 8 months, came in at $738,639,000,000.  The spending and deficits are, of course, unsustainable.  We have taken pains to put them in perspective several times, most recently in a piece called It’s The Titanic and the Iceberg- Full Speed Ahead.  

NYC Debt Clock, circa 2017
The famous NYC National Debt Clock at its former location near Sixth Avenue and 44th Street in February 2017, at which time it read $19.9 trillion in national debt

In The Doom Loop, published in March, we confronted a concept economist call “the marginal productivity of debt.”  It is one thing if incremental indebtedness is producing more wealth.  But it is very serious indeed when debt is outpacing productivity.  And that is what is happening in the US today.  

And finally, six months ago I surveyed for you three dramatic stock market collapses in the modern era that resembles today’s markets in many ways. 

Read Déjà vu All Over Again and learn about:

  • The 1970’s: The Stagflation Decade
  • Early 2000’s and the DotCom Bubble
  • 2008:  The Great Recession

You will be well-informed by a review of these articles.  But remember, it is not enough to know.  One must act.

So bookmark our website.  Read our alerts.  We even encourage you to share these posts on Facebook and Twitter and to use the Newsletter Signup below to have these articles delivered to your inbox.

Then, when you’re finally ready to act, call or stop by.  

But don’t wait until it’s too late!


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