No Wonder the Super-Rich Are Buying Gold!

26 Jun

No Wonder the Super-Rich Are Buying Gold!

Gold Has Outperformed Every Major Asset Over the Past 12 Months!

It’s been said that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

There is no question the Federal Reserve policies have been stove-piping money to the wealthy.  At the same time, the middle-class has stagnated.  

But the rich are not just depending on the Federal Reserve.  

Now they are buying gold, too. 

According to Reuters, “Advisers to the world’s wealthy are urging them to hold more gold, questioning the strength of the (stock) rally and the long-term impact of global central banks’ cash splurge.”

Sound advice.  Gold is the top-performing major asset over the last 12 months.  As we write this (6/26), gold is up 25 percent over the 12 months.  Silver has gained 16 percent.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down almost 5.5 percent.

You will not be surprised to learn that Reuters reports that the ultra-wealthy are concerned with wealth preservation.  One private banker said of their wealthy clients that “in many ways they have a longer historic lens than some of our other clients, so they do worry about inflation.”

Reuters spoke with nine private banks that manage around $6 trillion in assets for the world’s ultra-rich, and that had advised clients to increase their allocation to gold. 


“Before the COVID-19 pandemic, most private banks recommended their clients hold none or just a tiny amount of gold.

“Now some are channeling up to 10 percent of their clients’ portfolios into the yellow metal as the massive central bank stimulus reduces bond yields…”

If you, like the super-rich, are interested in wealth preservation, speak with a Republic Monetary Exchange gold and silver specialist today.  They are experienced and knowledgeable and can help you prepare to protect yourself and profit in this era of massive government deficits and unchecked Fed money-printing.