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23 Jul

Lower Gold Price Creating Demand Surge

Jim Clark 7/23/2015 [heading animation=”” type=2 border=”no” weight=”bold”]Remember what we’re looking at. Gold is a currency. It is still, by all evidence, a premier currency. No fiat currency, including the dollar, can match it. -Alan Greenspan[/heading]     This past week and the month of July for that matter has seen some major developments in […]

17 Jul

Greece: Coming to a Bank Near You?

Jim Clark 7/17/2015 ADR Pricing for the National Bank of Greece:   Greek banks are scheduled to open on Monday but despite positive headlines and happy talk about the Greek crisis being solved, the EU central bankers and the Greek government have done what they have always done- they kicked the can further down the […]

12 Jul

Your Money and the Banking System

Jim Clark 7/12/2015 Your Money and the Banking System Draconian measures intended to save Greek banks and the Euro monetary system have been imposed on the people of Greece. Greeks are no longer allowed to transfer money to accounts outside of Greece. In addition to limiting cash withdrawals to $65 a day, Deputy Finance Minister […]

28 Jun

Run on Comex Gold Continues While Fidelity Says “Buy Precious Metals”.

Jim Clark 6/28/2015 THE RUN ON COMEX PHYSICAL GOLD CONTINUES As our regular readers know, we’ve been monitoring the flow of gold out of COMEX member warehouses.  What we are seeing is a steady outflow of physical gold from JP Morgan and other member warehouses.  Another prominent recent example is Scotia Bank. Two weeks ago […]

19 Jun

Gold Back To $1,200 as Turmoil in Greece Continues

Jim Clark 6/19/2015 Gold Surges The Gold futures spot price is consolidating at $1,200/oz after a very strong rally this week with a major move on Wednesday to close at $1,202, up over $25 on heavy volume to close the week at $1999.97. As we commented last week, gold prices have been making a series […]

12 Jun

Comex Gold and Never Never Land

Jim Clark 6/12/2015 Watch the Chart- The Market is ALWAYS Right The most important near term technical development for gold prices this week has seemingly gone unnoticed or at least uncommented by gold market analysts. COMEX gold prices have made a series of higher lows and higher highs. After touching a low at $1,167.90 on […]

05 Jun

Long Gold for the Long Term

Jim Clark 6/5/2015 Dollar Strength, the Euro and Gold All eyes are on the US Dollar in recent weeks. The strong USD has put pressure on gold and silver prices late this week. The strength of the dollar reflects the uncertainty in the negotiations of the repayment of Greek debt to the International Monetary Fund […]

29 May

Back to the Trading Range

Jim Clark 5/29/2015 Gold opened the week at $1204 to close the week on Friday, down slightly at $1191. The action in gold and silver prices this week was dominated by the strength of the dollar. With US interest rates relatively higher than those in the Eurozone, US Dollar denominated assets are attractive and Euro Quantitative Easing […]

24 May

Is the Bottom in for Gold and Silver?

Jim Clark 5/22/15   Solid Support for Gold at $1200 Gold established solid support above $1200 this week to close the week on Friday at $1203, substantially higher than the previous support level at $1180. For the last several weeks, the $1200 level has been an attractor. Each time gold has dipped below this key […]

17 May

Gold and Silver Break Their 200 Day Moving Averages

Jim Clark 5/15/15 This week has seen very positive developments for gold bulls. Gold broke strongly through resistance at $1217 to begin consolidation over $1220 to close Friday at $1220.50. On Tuesday, gold was up roughly $23 on heavy trading volume (Remember the old saying, “Volume is the weapon of the Bull!”). Gold surged through its […]

10 May

Republic Monetary Exchange will be at MoneyShow Las Vegas!

Join Republic Monetary Exchangeat The MoneyShow Las Vegas, May 12-14! A Great Way to Invest in GoldWednesday, May 13 | 11:45 am – 12:30 pm PDT Jim Clark Ken Shearn Mark Skousen Gold is the ultimate hedge against inflation, currency devaluation, and geopolitical turmoil, and there are several ways to invest in gold. You can […]

24 Apr

The Gold Market Discussion: 4/26/15: What if the Yuan Was Backed by Gold?

by Jim Clark April 24, 2015 Can 1.4 billion Chinese be wrong? Between 2008 and 2009 China doubled their reserve of gold bullion stock. In April of 2009, the Chinese Central Bank (The People’s Bank of China) reported gold holdings of 1,054 metric tonnes. Recently, Bloomberg Intelligence estimated China’s gold holdings at 3,510 metric tonnes, […]

22 Mar

The Gold Market Discussion with Jim Clark, 3-22-15

Jim Clark 3/20/2015 Gold and Silver prices spiked this week as gold traded above $1,185 and silver in the $16.85 range. The spike in gold and silver prices can be, in part, attributable to Janet Yellen’s comments at this week’s Fed meeting. Chairperson Yellen indicated ultra-loose monetary policy for the foreseeable future with no rate […]

15 Mar

The Gold Market Discussion with Jim Clark, 3-15-15

Jim Clark 3/15/15 This week has seen more weakness in gold prices. Gold prices are currently at the $1150 range with silver at $15.50. The weakness can be directly attributed to the strength of the dollar, which has recently reached highs not seen since 2003, and has done so in a remarkably short period of time. With […]

08 Mar

The Gold Market Discussion with Jim Clark, 3-8-15

March 8, 2015 This week gold prices traded in narrow range around the $1165 to $1210 area, currently gold prices are $1168 per ounce silver at $15.88. Gold is now trading below most miners’ ability to bring gold to market. This represents a tremendous opportunity to acquire physical gold at seriously depressed prices. These are […]

22 Feb

The Gold Market Discussion with Jim Clark, 2-20-15

by Jim Clark 2/20/15 Gold and silver prices dipped earlier in the week only to recover and end strong, closing at $1,208 and $16.32 respectively. There was some heavy physical buying that came in when gold briefly fell below $1,200 an ounce. Have you ever heard the old Chinese saying, “May you live in interesting times”? People have […]

30 Jan

The Gold Market Discussion with Jim Clark, 2-1-15: “Deflate-Gate” Goes Beyond Just the Super Bowl

by Jim Clark 1/30/2015 Like many Americans (more than 111.5 million to be exact) I’m looking forward to watching the Super Bowl this weekend. And like many of these Americans, I will be enjoying the game at a Super Bowl party at a friend’s house. This year’s Super Bowl has been plagued by scandal, “Deflate-Gate”. […]

23 Jan

The Gold Market Discussion with Jim Clark: 1-25-15- Currency Wars, Euro QE, and Historic Swiss Franc Move Propel Gold

by Jim Clark January 23, 2015 As of Friday morning, gold is up more than 10% and silver is up more than 16% since the beginning of the year. On the front page of its business section, The Wall Street Journal looked at the factors that are influencing bullish sentiment for precious metals in 2015. […]

20 Jan

RME Special Report – Gold approaches $1300

By Jeff Kerr 1/20/15 Safe haven demand and technical chart buying have been in full force lately pushing gold to 5.5 month highs in recent days. Gold reached $1297 today while the U.S. dollar remains strong. “As of Tuesday, January 20th, we are witnessing gold’s strongest seven day run in eight years”, according to CNBC. […]

09 Jan

The Gold Market Discussion with Jim Clark: What We Have Witnessed is a Base Being Put in for Gold

By Jim Clark 1/9/15 Many people are worried about the U.S. economy and our massive debt and its effect on their future. U.S. monetary policy is a matter of concern, and our government leaders have not shown themselves to be responsible when it comes to handling their fiscal responsibilities. In fact, they have shown themselves […]

19 Dec

2015 Outlook for Gold and Silver Demand on the Rise

by Jeff Kerr, Account Executive, Republic Monetary Exchange As the year 2014 comes to an end, many analysts make their predictions for the New Year 2015 ahead. While gold did not see the same tremendous gains it witnessed in the decade long bull market run which peaked in 2011, the yellow metal appears to be […]

21 Nov

News from G20, Japan, China and Russia Creating Volitility and Demand in Gold and Silver

Gold continued to rally last Friday, climbing 35 dollars to $1,190. Then, a week later it rose to $1,207.60 after China cut interest rates. More interesting developments in the financial news and around the world continue to show that gold is in demand as a valuable financial insurance. Let’s look at some of those events….. […]

13 Nov

World Events Create Demand for Silver; US Mint Sold Out of Silver Eagles!

The Gold Market Discussion with Jim Clark October Surprises October is, historically, an interesting month in the markets. This year has been no different, with volatility all around. The stock market dropped below 16,000 before rallying back up over 17,500. Volatility has continued in the precious metals market, mainly to the downside, although gold went […]