Silver Awakens!

22 Jul

Silver Awakens!

Leading Bank Forecasts 50% Move!

Here at Republic Monetary Exchange, we have been unrelenting silver bulls.  

At the end of last year we explained in detail how underpriced silver was:  

“About 40 years ago, at the beginning of 1980, silver was $50 an ounce.  

“In today’s dollars – because the Federal Reserve has sharply eroded the purchasing power of the dollar – that would be more than $156.00!

“At today’s prices, silver would have to triple to reach $50 an ounce.  But to reach the purchasing value in today’s dollar that silver had in 1980, it will have to increase more than nine times!

“Another way of putting it is that silver today is only a third what it sold for 4o year ago.  

“And it is only about 11 percent of the dollar value it had in 1980.

“Oh, and by the way, silver came close to $50 again eight years ago.  It reached $49.80 in 2011.

“We think silver is really underpriced today.”  

In March, Wall Street COVID-19 margin call selling briefly pushed silver below $12 an ounce, but by May it had recovered convincingly to over $18.00. 

Meanwhile, in April we cited a research report for the Silver Institute calling for silver to reach $19 this year.  We commented at the time that we viewed that as excessively conservative, “substantially understating the upside for silver this year.  Our view is colored by our long experience of watching silver dramatically out-perform gold in bull markets gone by.”

With silver priced at less that a third its prior all-time highs, we found it hard to take our eyes off the great profit opportunity silver represented.

At the end of May we alerted our friends and clients to the stirring of the silver market. 

Using our radio messages and our blog to highlight the opportunity, we said, “In a precious metals bull market like this, it usually takes silver a while to wake up! 

“We like to alert you to great profit opportunities.  Gold goes first.  It leads the way.  But when silver starts moving, it really rips!  

“Well, silver has started moving!”

It has proven to be a good call.  

Now silver is fully awake and ripping!

On Monday (7/20) Citigroup, Inc., one of the nation’s largest investment banks called for silver to reach $25, with a potential for $30.

While that would be a 50 percent move from the time they made the call, more telling than their price target is that the institution has had to acknowledge silver at all.  That’s because mainstream institutions and journalists talk about “silver’s surprising strength.”

To us, there is nothing surprising about it at all!

We remain unrelenting silver bulls. Speak with a Republic Monetary Exchange professional today and discover how to use silver for profit and protection.