Silver Eagles Spike; Gold is Headed Higher

08 Mar

Silver Eagles Spike; Gold is Headed Higher

The Unexpected

We expect gold to move much higher this year.

We expect it because we keep an eye on Washington.    

But you need to think about the unexpected, too.  

Monty Python, the comedy troupe had a routine about the fact that “nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.”  We don’t expect it either.

But more realistically, nobody expected the coronavirus.  Nobody much expects most natural disasters. But they happen.  So do wars and revolutions, mostly unexpected.

So we urge you to prepare for the unexpected with gold and silver.  

Federal debt and money printing?  We know where that’s headed.  But we’re here to help you prepare for the unexpected, too.  Things like coronavirus and natural disasters.  Things that the last couple of weeks have demonstrated can rock a top-heavy stock market or threaten an entire economy.

The Spiking Sales of U.S. Mint Silver Eagles

The arrival of the unexpected may be responsible for spiking sales of US Mint Silver Eagles.  The move in recent days has been dramatic.  

In February the mint reported sales of 650,00 of the one-ounce silver coins for the entire month.  But it sold 750,000 in just the first five days of March!  

The surging sales is another sign of the developing gold and silver bull market and a growing public awareness of financial challenges on the horizon.  Be sure to speak with your Republic Monetary Exchange precious metals advisor about silver and the advantage of owning US silver Eagles.

At the same time ask to find out more about trading the gold/silver ratio, a powerful strategy to increase your precious metals portfolio.


Gold Headed Higher

Gold is headed to an all-time high in dollar terms.  

So says Jeffrey Gundlach, CEO of Double Line Capital.  Gundlach, known as “the bond king,” told CNBC viewers on Thursday, (3/5) that gold is the thing to own.  “I turned bullish on gold in the summer of 2018,” he said.  The dollar getting weaker appears to be almost a policy of the Fed as it “panics” and slashes rates, he said.  

“The Fed slashing rates is clearly going to be dollar negative.  And that means gold is going to go higher.

“Gold is doing super well, even with the dollar unchanged,” he pointed out, raising the question of just how high gold will go as lower interest rates take their toll on the dollar.  

“Gold is at a record high in terms of the Euro and many other currencies.  And I feel it is almost a certainty that gold is going to tog to an all-time high versus the dollar as well.”