Stop Searching! RME has Gold and Silver In Stock TODAY

22 Mar

Stop Searching! RME has Gold and Silver In Stock TODAY

Others Sold Out!   Long Delays!  

Not Republic Monetary Exchange!  

Silver Eagles and other products are available For Immediate Delivery!  Buy Today… Take Delivery Today

Empty store shelves.  Staples of life missing from stores.  A stock market collapse.  Quarantines.  And the hunt for toilet paper seems to have suddenly become a leading topic in American life!

You are right if you feel an urgency to own gold and silver!

The events of the last few weeks have crystallized the importance of owning gold and silver.   Under the circumstances, people realize that means owning physical gold and silver.  Precious metals in their possession.  Gold and silver bullion and coins that they can get their hands on for-profit and for safety in times of trouble.

Many of our competitors are out of gold and silver.  Either sold out, or without the inventory, market connections, and experience we have.  In any case, they are not able to deliver gold and silver.

Some say pay them now, but it will be weeks before they can come up with your gold.  

That is a bad idea!  Do not do that!

Buy TODAY, take delivery TODAY at Republic Monetary Exchange!  Paper promises about gold or representations that someone somewhere has gold or gold shares or gold futures in your name that may or may not be delivered sometime in the future are no more comforting than someone somewhere else claiming to be holding toilet paper on your behalf in New York or Beijing when you need it now!

We are Republic Monetary Exchange. We’ve been around a long time, both buying and selling precious metals.  We have inventory for immediate delivery.  Now!  

And while we think everyone needs to own gold and silver, if you need to sell precious metals, remember because of our volumes and active market, we pay the most when you need to sell. 

Call us or stop by today to add more silver or gold while supplies last and premiums rise again.