The Swiss Like Their Gold!

30 May

The Swiss Like Their Gold!

Gold Market Discussion

Switzerland has a long, long history of taking issues of money, wealth, banking and financial propriety very seriously.  

These are some of the reason that Switzerland has long been a prosperous island of stability surrounded by centuries of chaos and ruinous inflation, currency failure, and bankruptcy in neighboring countries like Germany, France, and Italy.

It is no surprise that Switzerland ranks near the top in measures of economic stability, growth, privacy, and prosperity.  In terms of size or natural resources, it would not rank near the top at all.  But it rates number one in Europe and number four worldwide in the Heritage 2019 Index of World Freedom.  Its per capital GDP ranks among the highest in the world.

For a very long time the Swiss Franc was one of the world’s premier currencies.  It even had a statutory gold-backing.

Although Switzerland in recent decades has succumbed to some of the paper money mania that has proven so destructive elsewhere, still the preference for sound money runs deep in the national ethos of the Swiss people.

A new survey reveals the persistence of Swiss attachment to gold.  In fact, the headline on a report by the University of St. Gallen reads, “Swiss people like to invest in gold.”  48 percent of Swiss surveyed mention gold among their favorite investments.  That’s second only to real estate, and well ahead of stocks and funds, and even traditional saving accounts. Platinum ranks surprisingly high among the Swiss, at ninth, and even ahead of silver which ranks 13th.

Switzerland has the second highest per capital gold demand in the world, right after Hong Kong, also noted for its prosperity.  Unfortunately, the US doesn’t even rank in the top 10.

Almost forty percent of the Swiss surveyed mentioned “security” as among their reasons for preferring gold.

Gold remains the world’s super sovereign currency.  As such, it’s linkage to wealth, prosperity, and economic security is not a coincidence.

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The way the Swiss do.


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