The Way the World Works

28 Jun

The Way the World Works

Gold Market Discussion

Something about the way the world works seems to have been forgotten in America.  

Here it is:

This is a world in which people’s wants are virtually limitless.  Resources, on the other hand, the means of fulfilling those wants, are strictly limited.

Economics is about meeting unlimited wants with limited means.  It is about trade-offs.  It is why accounting is important.

But today people in Washington have an aversion to confronting the real world with its limited resources.

They missed out on that 400-year-old nursery rhyme which said that if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

These thoughts occurred to us after the Democratic presidential debates.  The news site The Daily Caller noticed it, too:  “Moderators Ask Zero Questions About National Debt In First Two Democratic Debates Combined.”

“Moderators for the first two Democratic debates asked a combined zero questions about the rapidly expanding national debt.

“NBC and MSNBC hosts Savannah Guthrie, Lester Holt, Chuck Todd, Rachel Maddow, and José Diaz-Balart failed to ask any of the 20 candidates on the stage Wednesday and Thursday night about the national debt.

“The moderators covered a range of topics — other than the national debt.”

You would think that with $22 trillion in unpayable national debt (and unknown trillions more in promises the government has made to pay people for things in the future), candidates and news moderators would be deeply concerned about the ways and means of our national solvency and survival.  But not so!

No wonder politics in America has become a contest of offering the people something for nothing:  free housing, free medical care, free education, guaranteed annual income.

You knew, of course, that I would bring the discussion back to gold.  This indifference to the realities of hard-world accounting and clear-eyed fiscal responsibility got underway with the ending of the gold standard, something that happened in two major steps.  The first was with FDR’s unconstitutional confiscation of the people’s gold.  The second step was Nixon’s repudiation of America’s promise to redeem its dollars in gold.

A gold-based monetary system provides discipline on governments.  No wonder politicians hate it!   They can’t simply issue a decree or pass a law that increases the amount of gold in the treasury.  

In a gold system, they are forced to live in the real world.

That’s why gold had to go.  It is why the Federal Reserve was created to replace it.  

If you understand how grim it is that Washington can’t be bothered to deal with little things like national solvency and unpayable debt, you will understand why you need to take steps to insulate yourself from the governing classes’ failing monetary system.

That’s what we’re here for.  RME’s experts can help you get started on a plan to protect yourself and your family with gold and silver.


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