Time to Stand Up!

12 Jul

Time to Stand Up!

Important! Before It’s Too Late!

Today’s commentary is something different for us at Republic Monetary Exchange. Our beat is money and helping our clients profit and protect themselves with gold and silver.

We don’t stray often. But today we must.

Freedom is one whole. If our freedom can be taken away in one area, we can lose it everywhere.

We are acutely aware of assaults on our freedom. Not too long ago, from the 1930s to the 1970s, the government made owning monetary gold a crime. It did so for nefarious reasons and used it as cover to fleece millions of Americans of billions of dollars.

Today our freedom of speech and freedom of thought are under full-scale assault.

Let us give you just one recent example.

Here is story alleging that the Dean of a University of Massachusetts nursing school was fired for sending out an email saying, “BLACK LIVES MATTER, but also, EVERYONE’S LIFE MATTERS.”

That got her fired.

We could provide many more examples. You probably know of some yourself. We wonder what this world would be like if the telephone companies listened in on your phone calls to make sure that everything you said met some arbitrary standard of approved speech. What kind of world would it be if the censors could cancel your phone service for saying something not officially approved?

Sound far-fetched? It is not. China is already experimenting with something called a “social credit” system. The Chinese Communist Party tracks its subjects’ behavior and awards points just like a financial credit score.

Engage in unapproved thoughts or behaviors, say the wrong thing, read the wrong book, socialize with the wrong person, and lose your right to travel, work, live where you wish, or engage in commerce.

We have all heard of bloggers and writers – mostly conservatives, but not all – that have been “de-platformed” by social media. These are people that have said something that the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have found unacceptable, and who have therefore been banned and lost their access to their audiences.

Today we want to share one example. It is a powerful statement and broad critique of modern American life in the age of COVID-19. It is called “The Systematic Fall of the Republic and Rise of the Corporation.” The speaker is a man named Jeremy Elliot from something called the Iconic Podcast.
We are told his comments have run afoul of the thought-control police and that the commentary you are about to watch has been repeatedly de-platformed for it.

You may or may not agree with everything you see. But many people agree with a lot of it. Indeed, growing millions do. In any case, there is nothing here that justifies it being forbidden speech.
As he says, “When you want to know who is in charge, just think about who you can and can’t criticize.”

When we see the thought-controlling institutions so desperate that they keep “disappearing” his commentary, we think they are up to no good. Free speech and free thought are in endangered by their actions.
And once those freedoms go, the rest will surely follow.