Time for Silver to Play Catch Up!

14 Dec
silver to gold ratio May 2017

Time for Silver to Play Catch Up!

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Time for Silver to Play Catch Up!

Have you taken advantage of the Gold-Silver ratio yet?  

The recent bounce in gold has so far happened without a similar move in silver. That might be about to change, according to Saxo Bank A/S.

Ole Hansen, head of commodity strategy at Saxo Bank, tracks the ratio of gold to silver and said the recent moves “point in favor of higher silver prices.”

That’s the lead of a Friday, 12/14 story in Bloomberg News.

The objective is to hold the precious metal poised for the most rapid appreciation.  Because silver is underpriced relative to the gold price, it’s is a favorable time to trade gold for silver.  You don’t want to miss the opportunity to add to your precious metals holdings without investing additional money. Put your gold to work for you!

stacked silver bars

I have written about this opportunity several times lately, here and here.  Now I’d like you to hear about it from Denmark’s Saxo Bank.

The story, “Bulls Lining Up for Gold Means Now May Be a Good Time for Silver,” says, “The ratio has been stretched out in recent months, showing that silver is the cheapest relative to gold in 25 years. Hansen said the trend is starting to reverse, with the ratio falling below a 50-day moving average this week.  That means that silver is outpacing gold after months of lagging behind. The white metal is up 2.3 percent this month to $14.53 an ounce, compared with a 1.1 percent advance in gold.

Learn how to grow the number of ounces of precious metals in your portfolio.  Trading the gold-silver ratio is a simple strategy, one that many of our clients and I have used for years. Talk to us about how we can help you get the most out of your metals!